Shelter Dogs Are Waiting For You

Shelter Dogs Are Waiting For You

It’s Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

I have a best friend who is right there with me all the time. I believe God blessed me with her, because she is always there to listen when everyone else is too busy or unreachable. She listens to me grumble, and she licks away my tears when I cry. She’s always there with a tail wagging to let me know she loves me. My Maggie Mae.

My Maggie Mae

We’ve had Maggie for around nine years now, and I honestly do not know what I will do when she is gone. When we decided the boys were old enough for the responsibility of a dog, we drove out to the shelter Why the shelter? Why not find a pure bred dog in the paper or online? Because I am a sucker for a mutt, especially one that is having trouble finding a fur-ever home of their own.


A.J. – My oldest son’s dog

A Shelter dog is almost always happy. They don’t care if they aren’t fed top of the line canned dog food, or if they have a huge basket of toys, just a place to lay down, fresh food and water every day, and they are almost always waggin’ those tails (and sometimes their whole bodies). They just need someone to love them. I know A.J. and Scotty have been great dogs for the boys.

Scotty - My youngest son's dog

Scotty – My youngest son’s dog.

While it’s true that many shelter dogs have a few problems, whether social problems, or emotional problems, they aren’t always something that can’t be fixed. You would be surprised what love can do. If you read up, and know what to expect from each species, you can usually figure out which ones would be a great fit in your home. Love, and a little training will usually take care of any behavioral problems. Mutts are always easier to train, usually smarter, and more accepting. They haven’t been inbred so far that they become the village idiots, which makes them easier to train, and more sociable.

Yep, give me a shelter dog any day. In fact, I haven’t had a chance to get out to the shelter lately, just to see the new residents. I may have to make that a priority this week. If I get a chance to go, I’ll post pics on instagram! For now, I’ll just enjoy my girl, Maggie, and the other animals we have here on the farm.

There’s a fur baby out there waiting just for you… you may find them at the shelter. 


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