#BlogLikeARockStar! Wordless Wednesday

#BlogLikeARockStar! Wordless Wednesday

Dayna Steele #BlogLikeAROCKSTAR

Many of you may not remember KLOL – a Rock radio station in Houston. I loved and listened to it every morning on my way in to work, when I was working as a receptionist. If you missed it, you missed an amazing amalgamation of music, jokes, and just basic silliness. Stevens and Pruett, Dayna Steele, Outlaw Dave, Krash Collins and Kevin Dorsey kept us all rocking and laughing every day. KLOL ran from 1970 to 2004 when it switched to a Latino Hip Hop format.

I met THE Dayna Steele from KLOL

This past weekend I was so fortunate to meet Dayna Steele at #BlogElevated. She is such a wonderful motivational speaker! We learned to stop saying ‘just’, as in, “I’m ‘just’ a Lifestyle Blogger” or “I’m ‘just’ a Mom.”. She gave us the heart to own our niche – in blogging and in live – and to BE what we ARE – ROCKSTARS!

Dayna Steele's business 'cards'

Dayna Steele’s Business Card (has a pic of her with Sammy Hagar!!) and promotional guitar pick!

This is the second time I was blessed to hear Dayna give this talk. Last time was at a Social Media Moms conference at the Galleria in Houston. The talk has changed a little, but it still contains the same motivational, moving points she made before. Dayna used to use slides of her with very famous prominent rock stars, now she walks among us while giving us the same timeless advice mixed with personal stories of those rock stars, and their sage advice. (Did you know Sammy Hagar has restaurants? All the proceeds go to charities local to each location!!)

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I miss KLOL, and I loved being able to visit with Dayna Steele! 

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