Fall Fashionista Shawl Galle in Progress!

Fall Fashionista Shawl Galle in Progress!

The Shawl is Almost Finished!

I’ve been working on the shawl that I’m giving away in the Fall Fashionista Event, and I’m almost finished. I love the yarn I’m using to work this shawl up. It’s Paton’s Lace Sequin. The color is Cristal. Pretty isn’t it? This is a closeup, so you can see the sequins. They have a shiny prism look when the light hits them.

Close up of the sequins! Aren't they gorgeous?!

This is not a really hard shawl to work up and you can find the pattern in the Fall 2014 issue of Interweave Crochet. I love the variegated heather-colored yarn they used in the catalog, but I’ve had this Paton’s for a while, waiting for a special project to jump up and catch my attention. This shawl was perfect!

The start of the shawl, and the pattern book!

You can barely see the circles in the picture in the magazine, but they are there, just off the shoulders. This is such a beautiful shawl in the magazine. I know mine will be just as beautiful!

Work in progress!

I’ve enjoyed working on this shawl, even though it demands attention to the pattern. It’s not a pattern you can just sit and watch television while working on. My ADD means it’s taken me a little longer, because there is only so much time in a day. I usually crochet at night, after dinner while watching television. This shawl demanded more attention, so I had to work on it during the day as well, between housework and blogposts!

Working right along! Almost finished.

There’s only about twenty rows left to finish. I’ll have it done tonight. When I finish I’ll post a picture of it on Instagram, so keep your eyes peeled in that social media! I’ll try to get the picture outside so you can see all the beauty of the sequins!

Another view of the shawl almost finished.

You can check out my etsy shop DancingRoosterFarm. I have more crochet to add, as well as some vintage glass items that I picked up at auction. I just need to get them added in.

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  1. That is Gorgeous! I love the sparkle in it

  2. I love your shawl! Such beautiful work. My hobby would be reading. I’m finally doing it again! =)


  1. […] I am also offering a beautiful shawl from DancingRoosterFarm Etsy Shop in this prize as well. It’s made from a delicate white yarn with sequins, and I seriously considered keeping it for myself! It’s a custom order, and not finished yet, but I will be posting pictures as soon as it is finished. It’s really beautiful! You can see the work in progress here! […]

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