A Minted Afternoon of Discovery and Delight

A Minted Afternoon of Discovery and Delight

Discovering Delights While Shopping

The Holidays are close. In fact, they are almost too close already. I don’t have all my shopping done yet, and I usually have it all finished already, so that’s probably why I feel the way I do. I’ve been shopping around online, trying to figure out what I think everyone would like to find when they open those boxes on Christmas Eve. Yeah, Christmas Eve is when everyone gathers at my home for our family Christmas. I do that so they can spend Christmas Day with their spouses’ family.

So, I was looking for a beautiful cake plate to give my oldest daughter, who makes amazing cakes. My friend Mimi told me about this gorgeous cake plate at Minted.com.

Jadite Milk Glass Cake Plate from Minted.com

Jadite Milk Glass Cake Plate – Photo Courtesy of Minted.com

Isn’t it beautiful?! I know my daughter would love this! I started really checking out the website and found that Minted.com is mostly a ‘party paper’ site. They sell paper party goods, like invitations, decorations, journals, cards, and other things that make a party perfect. As a blogger, I can always use a journal, and the journals at Minted do not disappoint! Just look at this bright yellow journal I found! Yellow is my favorite color, and what woman can resist roses?! Since I live in Texas, those yellow roses mean even more to me!

Golden Afternoon Day Planner from Minted.com

Golden Afternoon Journal – Photo Courtesy of Minted.com

With the Holidays coming up as quickly as they are, all of these beautiful printed paper products made me think about the Christmas Cards that need to go out soon. It would be smart to get them and get them sent, before it’s too late! I found so many wonderful cards, but my favorites are the new Minted.com photo cards. There are over 28 pages of photo cards to choose from – that’s a wide selection! It’s easy to personalize cards with family pictures at Minted.com too. See the card I personalized ~

Minted Christmas Card

I know this picture is small, but I couldn’t get it to print any bigger without going fuzzy. These cards are awesome. Did you know Minted will even address your cards to all your friends with beautiful artwork all around the address? Talk about easy! All you have to do is add postage and drop in the mail! I also love the A Very Merry Christmas Holiday Booklette™ Card from Minted that my friend Mimi (Woven by Words) used. I think it would make a great ‘family’ Christmas card! There are so many choices, I know I’ll be ordering soon – probably today!

Have you got your Christmas cards yet? You better hurry! 

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