Chocolate Stadiums for the Sports Fan – HGG Spotlight

Chocolate Stadiums for the Sports Fan – HGG Spotlight

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Chocolate Stadiums are the Perfect Gift for the Sports Fan!

We all know them, there’s at least one in every family – the Sports Fanatic. If ‘the game’ is on, they are planted in front of the television yelling at the players. Both of my boys are crazy sports fans. However, three of my grandsons play soccer, so when I saw these wonderful Chocolate Stadiums from Sports, I knew the soccer stadium would be perfect for them to share! There are also Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, LaCrosse, Tennis, and Band Stadiums!

Sports Chocolates chocolate stadiums arrive in a beautiful gift tin.

That is NOT a dent in the tin on the bottom right. It’s a smudge left by little hands!

These very realistic chocolate stadiums are so amazing. They come in a beautiful tin, wrapped in a ribbon printed with the sport of choice. The chocolate stadium is inside the tin, in a plastic mold to keep it from getting banged around and broken in shipping. The chocolate ‘lid’ portrays every sport, with your chosen sport in the middle!

The chocolate stadium inside the tin is held in protective plastic.

The chocolate stadium is filled with milk chocolate balls wrapped to look like the ball of the chosen sport! Aren’t they cute? They taste great too. Yes, ok, I snitched one, just for review purposes! Quite honestly, I think my boys got into these too, because there were more than this inside. My daughter-in-law told me not to worry about it, because this was going to be WAY more chocolate than they would need!

Whatever chocolate stadium you choose holds chocolates wrapped in foil to look like the ball of that sport!

When the candy balls are gone you are left with this amazing chocolate stadium!

Chocolate Stadium for Soccer!

These Chocolate Stadiums are a pound of chocolate, and if that isn’t enough, if you order now, they’ll add a bag of Green & Black’s Organic Chocolates as a bonus gift! I love that idea! A bag of chocolate for you and a chocolate stadium for the person you are gifting! Win – win!

Speaking of win, you can win a Sports Chocolates chocolate stadium (sport of your choice) in the Holly Jolly Gift Guide Giveaway! It goes live November 15th, so watch for it!

Who do you know that would love this gift, and what sport would you choose? 


  1. That’s so awesome. These would be perfect for my boyfriend’s kids (and him, too). They’re crazy, nuts about soccer!

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