God, Dogs, Obedience, and Trust

God, Dogs, Obedience, and Trust

I was talking on Facebook yesterday, to a friend who was getting a new dog. They had been to the local shelter and spent time with dogs, and chosen one that they really liked. When they went back to the shelter for a second visit, the dog clamped down on her fiance’s arm, leaving a nasty mark. This would not be their dog. He was simply too aggressive when there were other dogs present. This dog needed an owner who would love only him.

My Maggie Mae on her Duck Bed

My Maggie Mae on her doggy duck bed.

Aren’t humans often the same way with our spouses, and loved ones? Too often we have to be the only important person in someone’s life. That’s not what God expects from people though. God wants us to love each other. We are to have only one spouse, but we should hold love in our heart for everyone, just as God loved everyone.

My friend and her fiance found another dog. A very loving dog. The paperwork said that this dog tended to be shy around people, and took a little time to warm up to them. Instead, she took right to my friend and her fiance, coming right to them and sitting on their feet, obeying simple commands, and licking their faces during the visiting time they had with her. Even with other dogs around, she was friendly and loving, focusing her complete attention on them. This is what God wants from us. To follow him faithfully, trusting that He knows what is best for us, focusing our attentions on Him alone.

We should trust and love God the way our dogs trust and love us. We could learn a few things from our best friends. 


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