The Happy’s for the Holidays!

The Happy’s for the Holidays!

We’re So Happy, Our Tails Are Waggin’!

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I am so in love with these little toys, I almost want to keep them for myself and the cats! The Happy’s would make wonderful gifts for your favorite cat as well as any child on your list! My Rusty would go right after Thunder while Thunder chases the ball!

The Happy's toys in the box

These adorable little play pets come to us from the same people who  brought us Zhu-Zhu pets (The World of Zhu). They run on pretty much the same premise, except you get to say where these pets go. With their ‘treats’ you guide them where you want them to go. They can follow you, or you can make them run off ahead, or in circles. Each pets different ‘treat’ makes them do a special trick, and the trick is written on the treat. Thunders treat says  “wiggle”, so when he is on the trail, he kind of wiggles back and forth. I just know my grandson is going to love Thunder!

Thunder (one of the Happy's), his treat and his ball.

You need a small phillips head screwdriver (that’s the one with an X on the end) to take the Happy’s from their box, and you’ll need it to put batteries in as well. Oh, yeah, make sure you purchase AAA batteries. My advice is to purchase rechargeable batteries, and a charger, if you don’t already have one. I think rechargeable batteries and a charger should be owned by every parent. You’ll always be buying batteries if you don’t use rechargeable!

Thunder from the Happy's and his ball.

There are eight different Happy’s, and there are dogs and as well as cats. You can also get toys for them to play with. The toys work the same way the treats do, like a remote control, so the Happy’s chase them around just like a real pet would. Your Happy can even ride a skate board and drive a car!

Who would you give the Happy’s to as a gift? Thunder is going to a grandson!

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