Santa’s on His Way With Family Christian Gifts!

Santa’s on His Way With Family Christian Gifts!

I’m Making A List!

*This post sponsored by Family Christian. I received compensation in the form of a gift card, however, I DO shop Family Christian, and all opinions stated are my own!

I’ve been shopping all year finding the perfect gifts for all six of my children, the spouses of the older four, and all twelve of my grandchildren. Oh, and Hubby. Almost everything is bought and ready for wrapping. I just have a few little things to pad out the gifts for my daughters and daughters-in-law. is first on the list. They have 40% off all their kitchen gifts right now throught December 24th, 2014!

Family Christian Christmas Kitchen Gifts Sale Banner

First time I saw these little loaf pans, I knew I wanted to give one of them to each of my girls. The description says they are made for single servings of dessert, but I know my girls will use them for sweetener packets. They are only $2.99 right now! The blue one is perfect for my older daughter, and the red one would look great in my youngest daughters kitchen.

Family Christian Single Serving Loaf Pan

Family Christian SIngle Serving Loaf Pan

I’m betting my daughters-in-law would love this Amazing Woman Ceramic Spoon Rest. They both certainly deserve one. After all, they are married to my boys! (On sale for just $5.99 right now!)

Family Christian Amazing Woman Spoon Rest

Family Christian is a great place to get Christmas gifts for everyone you know, and for any occasion. They have inspirational books, cookbooks, music, movies, decor, and tons of other wonderful things. It makes me feel really good to know that 100% of what they make goes to Christian ministries. If you are a 1:27 Rewards member, an extra 5% goes straight to Family Christian Ministries to support orphans and widows. The 1:27 refers to James 1:27 where we, as Christians are instructed to “… look after orphans and widows in their distress…”

During the Christmas season giving is pretty much the whole idea, but when you can purchase wonderful products like these to give to the ones you love, and give to widows and orphans, and other ministries as well, you are just multiplying the blessings!

Have you shopped at Family Christian? Go check it out, and tell me something you would love to have – or something you ordered!


  1. Oh my I would love to add some of those to my home.

  2. These looks like awesome gifts for those who are religious! The loaf pans would be beautiful with bread in them–I love the colors!

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Those little loaf pans are adorable. What a great gift idea.

  4. Nope-never have. I only had one Christian friend 🙁 Eek!

    • Erica, These gifts are even wonderful for those who are not Christian, and they might help you bring someone to the fold!

  5. I’ve never shopped there before but see a few things I’d like to have. Great gifts!

  6. I like those loaf pans i need some for my kitchen those are really cute, Christian or not:)

  7. Those are cute. I love the blue, too! It would fit right in with my color scheme.

  8. i like Family Christian – where it’s all about Jesus… 😀

  9. Jess Scull says:

    Great gift ideas! The pans are cute!

  10. Love all of these. Can’t believe how affordable those loaf pans are!

  11. What great ideas!! I am a massive spoon rest fan.

  12. I love those so much! I would love to have those in my kitchen 🙂

  13. I love family Christian and I will definitely be buying gifts from them this year. That Spoon rest would fit great in my kitchen.

  14. Awesome gifts, would surely make a Christian smile!

  15. I have an issue with commercializing religion, seems against the whole point of faith but that’s just me.

    • Jon, I love having pieces in my kitchen and around my home that proclaim my faith. I try hard to live it in my daily life, so no one should be surprised to see it in my decor as well. Also, as I stated in the post, 100% of the proceeds from these products goes to different ministries to help others. That kind of commercializing I have no problem with.

  16. I love their collection. Beautiful pieces!

  17. I love shopping at Family Christian. I plan to buy a few gifts from there this year.

  18. I love family christian! The products are beautiful and the prices are amazing!

  19. katrina g says:

    I love those little loafs! i have a few of them myself just from a different company.

  20. Very pretty and festive – these would make great gifts for the women in my life – thanks for the ideas!

  21. Those loaf pans are really cute I think they would make a great gift.

  22. Lisa Rios says:

    The little loaf pans looks awesome. These are great gifts for this wonderful holiday season. All the products looks great with reasonable price.

  23. Eliz Frank says:

    The loaf pans are very pretty. They would make me want to bake something every day.

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