Speaker Creatures Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Speaker Creatures Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Speaker Creatures Go EVERYWHERE!

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Are you one of those people that has to have your music, no matter where you are? Do you crank up a radio in the bathroom so loudly that you can hear it in the shower? When my kids do this, it can cause problems because then they can’t hear me telling them to hurry up and quit using all the hot water! Now OnHand has solved that problem with Speaker Creatures!

Speaker Creature Ringo the Octopus

These adorable little Speaker Creatures have a suction cup on the bottom so the kids can listen to their music in the shower. It’s paired with your phone or mp3 player via Bluetooth and can be placed as far as 30 feet from the paired device. It can play for up to 6 hrs before needing to be recharged – but don’t tell my kids that! They think I recharge it every morning so it’s ready for them to use in the shower that evening.

Every Speaker Creature has a suction cup on the bottom

The speaker quality is not fantastic, but you have to remember it’s made so the water won’t get in and ruin it. The volume controls are a little hard to maneuver, but I’m pretty sure the same reason applies for that as well. The music is perfectly loud enough to be heard, and it’s not so loud that my teens can’t hear me when it’s on, so none of these things was a problem for us. In fact, it solved a problem in our house!

Speaker Creature in the Shower

There are three different Speaker Creatures – the Octopus, the Snail, and the Turtle. Each separate color has a different name. This green octopus is Ringo the Octopus. These little guys aren’t just great in the shower, but they are also at home at the pool! I’m getting one for my grandson to take to the pool with him when he has swim meets!

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