Rainy Flu Days & WIPs ~ Friday at the Farm

Rainy Flu Days & WIPs ~ Friday at the Farm

I Hate Being Sick with the flu.

I know it’s not Friday. It’s Saturday. This is what happens when you make New Years Resolutions and then get the flu. (Why do I keep wanting to put an e on the end of that word?!) Actually, I caught this flu the night before New Years Eve. It hit me the day we bought my new car. I didn’t even go outside to watch all the fireworks the kids were shooting off because I felt so icky. Just not fair – to me or them.

I did accomplish something though. I made this cute little donkey!


I made him to look just like our miniature donkey, Francis! I gave him the same heart on his shoulder, and exclamation point/shoeprint on his ribcage. You can see the real Francis HERE.

The same heart on his shoulder and exclamation mark on his ribcage as the real Francis!

The pattern is from the book, Edward’s Menagerie, by Kerry Lord. This wonderful book is chock full, with forty different animal patterns.

Edward's Menagerie by Kerry Lord

Some of the patterns are repeats with a variation. The first section is animals crocheted in one color. The second, animals with a color change. The third section is color variations throughout. The animals are all made from one basic pattern which makes this book perfect for those who are just venturing into amigurumi.

This bunny was the first pattern I worked from this book. I will admit, he looked a little like a dog to me when I finished him. I posted his picture on Instagram for some feedback, and got some really nice comments, so I gave him to a very deserving little girl for Christmas.

Soft Pink Rabbit!

The flu symptoms are starting to subside. I still have a stuffy nose, and a little bit of a sore throat, but I feel a little more human today, and less like I’m in a glass bubble. Hubby has been working on my car. I’m hoping I’ll be able to drive it Monday, but with the weather like it is, it’s hard to work on. It might be next weekend before I can drive it, but I know it will be on the road soon.

I don’t get sick often, so this was kind of new to me! What do you do when you get sick?

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