Goldie for the Perfect Teen or Tween Valentine’s Day!

Goldie for the Perfect Teen or Tween Valentine’s Day!

Goldie & Nibbles – The Fish You Don’t Have to Feed

Are you looking for something perfect for your teen or tween for Valentine’s Day? Oh, hey! I can help! Check out Goldie …

Goldie & Goldie Plus from Nice!

These little fishy looking pieces of technology are some of the handiest little guys I’ve found in a long time. They are small enough to fit in your brief case or purse easily, but they do a big job! They hold your phone and store the charger cord while your phone is charging!

I don’t know about you, but my teens want to keep their phones and tablets plugged in right by their bed. That usually means the cord is running all over the floor. If I’m in there, trying to dustmop the floors, or just pick up laundry, then I may or may not end up jerking it out of the wall. I needed some kind of cord thingy to keep that from happening. That’s when I found CableKeeps!


With Goldie, the cord wraps around his tail, and the phone can rest on top, against the wall. This was not the best plug for me to plug that phone into but, Goldie has it handled! That means no cords on the floor, and this little fish just looks adorable as well.

Of course, as a Valentine’s Day gift, presentation is so important! I made cards using craft foam rectangles, but you can use construction paper. I used red for the background, in honor of Valentine’s Day. Then I cut a piece of blue to fit the bottom half of the front of the card. Cut the top of that dark blue piece in a wavy pattern (to look like water!) and glue it to the bottom of the front of the card .

Say Happy Valentines Day with Goldie from NICE

Using a glue dot I stick Goldie to the front of the card (like they are jumping out of the water) and write, “You got me – Hook, Line, and Sinker!” or “You’re the Catch of the Day!” on the front. On the inside write “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the card and make sure you sign it!

Goldie and Goldie Plus make great gifts for anyone, and for any occasion! 

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