Put Your Heart To Paper for V-Day With Hallmark!

Put Your Heart To Paper for V-Day With Hallmark!

Hallmark Helps Make Every Day Sparkle!

*I received Hallmark cards to facilitate this review. The opinions – and memories – are all mine!

Are you a letter writer? I used to be! Ok, I guess that tells everyone how old I am, but I do consider letter writing to be a lost art. In these days of technology there are so many ways to share our feelings, it’s easier to ‘IM’ someone or send them a text, but how can you put all that feeling in 140 characters!? Aren’t there people that you are close to in heart, but maybe not so close to in distance, that you would like to know exactly how and why you feel like you do? Hallmark can help. You’re sure to find something perfect for everyone you love!

Hallmark has a huge variety!

Hallmark has something for everyone!

I love my parents with all my heart. They spent a lot of time (and stress) raising me, but I could never explain to them how much I love them in a tweet, instant message or a text. Don’t get me wrong! I do text them, call them, and leave them Facebook messages often, but sometimes on special days (like Valentine’s Day) I want to give them a little more. That’s when I pick up Hallmark Cards and sit down to write!

The card I sent my Mom - Inside & out!

As you can see in the picture of the open card, I write a lot. I’ve been known to write so much I had to add note paper to the inside of the card. My Mom loves these letters. I always get a phone call on the day that she receives them. I hate hearing my Mom cry, but I love that these little things I can do, make her so happy. I’m sure your loved ones would love it too.

Love Makes Every Day Sparkle (Hallmark!)

Your words don’t have to be long, or fancy. Just write how you feel, and why you feel that way. Tell someone you appreciate them by writing about a few of the wonderful things they have done for you, or bring up special memories the two of you share. Hallmark makes the perfect cards – YOU make the memories.

What special person would you ‘Put Your Heart To Paper’ for?

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