Ask in Prayer, Believing, and You Shall Receive

Ask in Prayer, Believing, and You Shall Receive

Matthew 21:22 tells us to Ask In Prayer.

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

Wednesday, I saw prayer work. Our land sits very close to a creek – Lake Creek. Lake Creek is a tributary of the San Jacinto River. When the San Jacinto floods, Lake Creek rises, and our back pasture floods. Most of the time this isn’t such a big problem. Lately though, we have gotten a lot of rain. The rain we get isn’t as much a problem as the rain they get up North of us. When it rains hard in the Bryan/College Station area, that rain goes into the San Jacinto, and feeds down to us. This water fills Lake Conroe.

Our Corner  3-2015 Prayer kept the water down

This is the corner looking out of our neighborhood. That water is flowing across the road to the left.

When Lake Conroe starts getting too full, they open the floodgates at the dam. This floods Lake Creek even more. Wednesday, they opened the floodgates, and the water rose so fast that my donkeys were caught in the water out in the back pasture. When the boys went out to get the livestock up to the front pasture so we could close off the back pasture, they couldn’t find the donkeys. I asked a group of my Facebook Friends for prayers, and called Hubby. I told him how fast the water was rising and that we couldn’t find the donkeys. He raced home from work and waded out to find them. He and the boys took our leaky rowboat out to where they were standing, with water up past their bellies, and forced them to swim to higher ground. Shaking, tired, and scared they came running up to me as I stood at the gate to the back pasture. Praising God, I closed the gates, and realized I had tears on my cheeks. In my opinion, our prayers had worked.

Back pasture flooded. Prayer kept the water away from our house.

This is part of our back pasture. Water as far as you can see. You can barely see the boys in the boat off to the left in the picture. Two thirds of our property under water.

The last time there was a major flood in our neighborhood area, was in 1994. Coincidentally, this was also the last time the Lake Conroe Dam floodgates were opened. My in-laws lived here during that time. My husband’s sister and brother had to reach them in a boat. The water was up under their house back then. By Wednesday at noon, the water got up to our cross fence. That means water covered roughly two-thirds of our property. At 5:47 Hubby told me the water was receding in the pasture. The local weather forecast was saying more rain for Wednesday night and Thursday.  Again, I asked my friends to pray. It is now early Friday morning, and the rain is falling outside. So far I can’t see it from my kitchen window like I could Wednesday. Weather people are predicting (no, they can’t ‘forecast’ – they’ve been wrong 3 days in a row) the rain is supposed to be out of here by this afternoon. Whatever happens, I know God has us, and all of our wonderful friends are praying. I know we will be fine.

He has given me everything!

Do you have stories of prayer in action? I would love to hear them!


  1. I’m glad to hear your donkeys were okay. 🙂 Here’s to hoping the rain leaves soon.

    • Thank you so much!! We had a gorgeous day yesterday, and it’s supposed to be nice most of this week. I’m not really trusting the weather people though, LOL! The water has receded though, and unless we get several days of hard heavy rain, we are completely out of danger at this point.

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