“Stress Less, Enjoy More” RESCUE® Pastilles

“Stress Less, Enjoy More” RESCUE® Pastilles

RESCUE® Pastilles for Less Stress

Ok, moms, Spring Break is here. I love my boys, but the sibling rivalry arguments can get old very quickly with me. When Spring Break is paired up with all the rain we’ve been having, cabin fever is sure to set in. It doesn’t take long before I hear those dreaded knit-picky arguments start to develop. I’m only human, and too much of the ‘back-and-forth’ will completely stress me out. This is where RESCUE® Pastilles come in handy!

All Natural RESCUE® Pastilles

These amazing little gummy-like lozenges slowly melt in your mouth. They are a homeopathic remedy, made using all natural ingredients. If you are a flower gardener, you might even recognize a few of the ingredients. Clematis vitalba, and Impatiens glandulifera, are the two I recognized immediately! It makes me feel better to know that it is made of all natural ingredients without a whole list of chemicals. And RESCUE® Pastilles are not habit forming, like a lot of the remedies out there. RESCUE® makes Kids Dropper (drops), Cream, and Pet Dropper, and SLEEP Liquid Melts as well. The formula was developed by a doctor over 80 years ago, and is still in use today. That tells me that it must work, or it wouldn’t still be used! You can buy them as Pastilles, Pearls, Liquid Melts, or Gum.

Less Stress with RESCUE® Pastilles

I know my boys have already started arguing, and today is the first day of Spring Break! I told them last night, that I was not going to listen to them argue all week long, and if I heard it they would spend their days in their rooms. Of course, they immediately looked at their dad like he would say something different! With my Husband backing me up, and my RESCUE® Pastilles in my back pocket, nothing will ruin this Spring Break… except maybe all the rain!

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What stressful situation would make you grab RESCUE® Pastilles?

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