Friday At The Farm – Spring 2015 Photos

Friday At The Farm – Spring 2015 Photos

Spring 2015 Photos from the Farm

Well, it’s definitely Spring here at the farm. A fine blanket of yellow powder covers everything, and there are ducks, chickens and geese chasing each other willy-nilly everywhere. My whole family awakens each morning with itchy, puffy eyes, and sneezes to start the day. The pollen will cover everything year after year, and the chasing is just a part of the mating season. The puffy eyes and sneezing quickly subside (I’m selling Young Living essential oils, and they are working for us!), and the beauty of this season is what stands out the most….

Wisteria blooms all over our yard. #FATF Spring 2015 Photos

At the first of Spring, Wisteria blooms in several places in the yard.

The scent is light on the breeze, and the petals cover the ground by our driveway.

Our Rusty, watching the ducks and geese. Spring 2015 Photos

Rusty loves to watch the geese and ducks, but won’t venture near them!

Pansies in the front garden bed. Spring 2015 Photos

These are pansies in our front flower bed.

I love how the flowers grow from the middle, and then in a ring around the bottom!

An owl in our back pasture. Spring 2015 Photos

This was not an easy shot to get. It was almost dark, and this Barred Owl was way back in the trees.

More purple! Johnny-Jump-Ups in the front flower beds.

There is a lot of purple in our Spring garden. I love these Johnny Jump-Ups and secretly hope they take over our flower bed.

Well, that’s Friday at the Farm for today. I hope you enjoyed it. 


  1. Hi Kay! I’ve been meaning to reach out to you since meeting you at the Thrive Conference. Finally found your business card the other day in my purse (black hole), and couldn’t have been more elated. I really want to connect in the near term…over coffee…over eggs maybe. 🙂 XOXO

    • Absolutely Mandi! Just give me a call – or message me on FB! I’m almost always around!

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