Refresh with Veri Soda!

Refresh with Veri Soda!

Hot & Humid? Veri Soda Refreshes!

*I received Veri Soda via Mom’s Meet to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

All four Veri Soda flavors!

Here on the farm, we spend a lot of time outside. As close as we are to the Gulf, we endure a lot of humidity. Frizzy hair, sweaty clothes, and feeling like you’ve been wrung out are all a part of our April Showers weather. Veri Soda helps me refresh and keep going on these hot muggy days.

Veri Organic Cola is just 60 Calories!

About two years ago my husband was suffering from kidney stones. His doctor told us that the amount of soda he was drinking could be the cause of his kidney stones. This is when I began drinking water. I would occasionally have tea, or fruit juice, but my drink of choice was pure H2O. When I found out about Veri Soda, and learned about it’s ingredients and how it’s made, I decided that I could occasionally have soda again – but only Veri Soda.

Veri Organic Orange Soda tastes amazing!

So, how is Veri Soda Different? First, it’s completely organic. It’s not made with ‘natural’ ingredients, which can be grown using artificial pesticides. It’s made with completely organic ingredients. No GMO’s, no artificial ingredients, additives, or chemicals are added to Veri Soda, and your guarantee is the USDA Organic seal on every single can. Just look at the ingredients label!

Veri Soda uses ONLY Organic ingredients!

This is a soda I can even let my kids have without being worried about caffeine or high fructose corn syrup. They just aren’t in there. Instead, Veri Soda is made with organic cane sugar and organic stevia leaf extract. Your body can’t assimilate all the artificial garbage we dump on it every day, which is one reason for all the obesity in our country. Pure organic cane sugar and stevia leaf extract are all natural and all organic. Ingredients your body loves!

Ok, so we established that it’s not bad for you like other sodas. Now for the real important question… how does it taste? It’s a little different. I think it’s got a cleaner taste than those other sodas. There aren’t any icky aftertastes that stick around for ever, just clean flavor. If there were, my boys wouldn’t love to use them to make ice cream floats! My favorite is the Ginger Ale, with a couple of drops of Young Living Lemon Essential Oil, for a refreshing pick-me-up on our really hot, muggy days here at the farm.

Just a drop or two of Young Living Lemon is refreshing in a Veri Soda Ginger Ale!

So, would you like to try Veri Soda for yourself? Great! Enter on the Rafflecopter below! Two winners will each win a couple of coupons for their “Veri Own, Veri Soda”!

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