Garmin Vivofit Replacement Bands

Garmin Vivofit Replacement Bands

Switch Up Your Vivofit Band

*I received two Garmin Vivofit replacement bands to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

When I bought my Garmin Vivofit, I got black. There was a pink one, but, I’m just not technically a ‘pink’ kinda gal. Maybe magenta, or hot pink, but soft baby pink is just not gonna cut it with me. I figured the black would match with whatever I chose to wear, so that’s what I bought. I knew if I wanted to switch it up someday, that I could find a Garmin Vivofit replacement band on Amazon with no problem!

Garmin Vivofit Replacement Bands

The Garmin Vivofit tracker itself pops in and out of the bands very easily. The replacement bands are a little lighter material than the original bands, but they don’t really feel any different on my arm than the original. They were delivered in a regular envelope, so they were a little deformed looking when I got them, but I laid them on the table and in a few days they were right as rain. Once the tracker is snapped into them, and they are placed on your arm, the deformities go away as well. They are the large size, and not the small. If you wear the small size, you will just have to deal with a little extra tucked up under. These bands do not come with the loop that holds the extra band down securely, but I just used the one that came with my original band. You can find these on as well.

Blue Garmin Vivofit Replacement Band

There are so many different colors and styles of replacement bands available online now. They are just as much a fashion accessory as they are a way to hold your tracker! I’ve seen floral bands, bands with dots, and solid color bands in colors to match every dress, pair of shoes or bag you have in your closet. I chose a set of one black and one blue. The blue is a pretty teal blue, but there are so many more that I want as well. Check them out on

Do you have a Garmin Vivofit? Which bands do you like?

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