Jackpot Candles – Springing Ahead Spotlight

Jackpot Candles – Springing Ahead Spotlight

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Jackpot Candles are Jewelry Candles!

*I received a Jackpot Candle to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own, and they are unbiased by outside influences!

I’m different than most people in a lot of ways. A lot of people will agree with me on that note, but for now, lets talk about candles. When I buy candles, I buy them primarily for the scent. I want to be able to smell that scent throughout whatever room it is being burned in. If the scent is great, then I also want that candle to burn slowly. I want it to burn long enough and smell strong enough that it’s worth the money I spent on it. That is why I love Jackpot Candles.

The wonderful Banana Nut Bread Jackpot Candle

Jackpot Candles are magnificent 100% Soy candles. Yes, they have a piece of jewelry in them. I know a lot of people gloss over the scent and burn time of a jewelry candle, just because it has a piece of jewelry in it, that may or may not be worth a lot of money. You have to burn those candles to get to the jewelry though, and lets be really honest – some of those ‘jewelry candles’ aren’t completely up to par. I mean, some of them have an “ok” aroma, but they burn up kinda fast. Some burn slower, but are only ‘OK’ in the scent department. Jackpot candles smell amazing. The scent fills almost my whole house. The first time I burned my Banana Bread Jackpot Candle, my boys came home and thought I had made my famous Banana Bread. Even my husband thought I’d baked when he walked in the front door!! This candle lasts forever. I’ve used it a lot and it’s still almost completely full.

The beautiful necklace that was in my Jackpot Candle

I did find a very nice piece of jewelry in my Jackpot Candle. No, I did not find the expensive gorgeous piece that everyone spends hundreds of dollars on these candles to find. I did find a very pretty cross that I know my daughter will love. More important, I found a favorite candle company. One that will supply me with amazing scented candles that last for months, with an added little surprise. I’m thinking next time, I’ll opt for the ring candle… LOL!

Which type Jackpot Candle would you choose – Ring, Earrings, or Necklace?

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