OOFOS Shoes – Spotlight

OOFOS Shoes – Spotlight

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OOFOS Are Just Pillows For Your Feet!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my OOFOS shoes. I’ve told you all about these wonderful shoes three years ago, when I tried them for the first time. I have not changed my opinion of them at all. I also can’t believe they lasted 3 yrs – and they are still going! Now, the tread on the bottom is a lot thinner, but I have been wearing them for three years! The part that goes between the toes is still there, and still intact. Since this is where I normally break flip-flops, I am ecstatic that I’ve found shoes that will last, even though I am extremely hard on them.

OOFOS are great for recovering from leg or foot trauma because they provide great arch support, and shock absorption. I have knee problems, but I can still shop with my daughters (for what seems like forever) without too much fatigue, when I wear my OOFOS. They are like walking on a cloud.

When I told you about OOFOS three years ago, they only had thongs and slides. Now there are a number of varieties! Just look –

OOFOS Originals

OOFOS Old and New!

These are the OOFOS that I love and wear regularly. The picture is of my new (lavender) pair, and my old (mocha) pair. These come in eleven different colors! There is also a ‘Special Edition’ available. They have a little pink ribbon outline on the side, and all proceeds from the sale of them goes to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to aid in research and cancer treatments.


The OOFOS Slide

These are the same slide as originally, and they come in black and navy.


OOFOS OOlala - A two tone thong

These two tone thongs come in four colors, with a grey bottom.

OOFOS OOCloog & OOCloog Deluxe

The OOFOS OOCloog - the comfort of OOFOS with a closed toe!

These clog like OOFOS are great if you need a covered toe shoe. They only come in black. They have all the comfort of OOFOS but they are closed in. The OOCloog Deluxe are the same wonderful shoe, but they come in three colors with a shiny finish.

OOOFOS are also available in Men’s sizes (and colors) so they don’t have to feel left out! I love these shoes!! Something else that’s changed in the last three years is the availability of OOFOS. Now I can get them at a shoe store very close to my home! Check the website for a location near you, or you can still order them online!

Which OOFOS do you love most?

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