Rain, Faith and Prayer

Rain, Faith and Prayer

And Rain Fell Upon The Earth Forty Days and Forty Nights. Genesis 7:12

This story is not about the Great Flood that is talked about in Genesis. It is about what we were afraid would be our ‘Great Flood’. The story I am about to tell has so many lessons in it for me. Lessons about negativity, and lessons about leaning on God, believing in His goodness to his people, and lessons about prayer.

When we pray – if what we ask will have no bearing on His end purpose – He will grant our prayers.

The rain started before Monday. It had been raining off and on, but being Spring, that is what happens. Our first hint of problems came when the news told us that rain was in the forecast for the next two weeks. When the news told us the River Authority would be opening the flood gates at Lake Conroe, we knew there was a possibility that our home could flood. The water was already in our back pasture. I will not tell you I was a rock of belief in my almighty God. I am human. I panicked. All that came to my mind at that moment was what the ladies in our Sunday morning class would think of me right then. I’ve been teaching Max Lucado’s Before Amen lessons on prayer in that class. What kind of example was I? I had been telling them for weeks now, how strong my faith is, in prayer. God tells us right in His Word, “Ask and it shall be given to you…” (Matthew 7:7) and in Mark 11:24, Jesus tells us, “Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they shall be granted you.”

I started praying. I messaged our preacher and asked him to pray, and have others pray. Immediately my heart was calm. I knew it could only be God, and I knew then that we would be ok.

The negativity of the outside world will often drag us down with it. We have to learn to be strong, and have faith in God. The local news stations were not giving us positive information. They are still forecasting more rain, for the next two weeks. Neighbors evacuated. Relatives told us we needed to leave. The pasture looked like this…

Our pasture on Tuesday 5/13/2015

My heart was still calm. A member of my church family called to ask how I was, and if I needed any more help to gather our birds to move them out. I told her we were fine. She asked how I was. I had to tell her. I was calm. I gave it to God, and I did not want to take it back. Somewhere in my Christian raising, I heard that when we give something to God, we have to give him all of it, and not hold on to the tail. I’m pretty sure it was my Dad who told me this, because it sounds like something he would say. Too often we hang on to the tail, because we can’t seem to let go. I did not hang on to the tail of this. I let go. This picture was taken this morning at 7 a.m. when I woke up and walked out in my pajamas…

The waters have receded.

That metal stake in the foreground of the picture, is the highest point the water reached. We are still under flood warnings. More rain is still in the forecast. The floodgates are still open at the dam of Lake Conroe.

Now the springs of the deep and the floodgates of the heavens had been closed, and the rain had stopped falling from the sky. The water receded steadily from the earth.” – Genesis 8:2-3

I am not afraid. God is faithful in His promises.(1Corinthians 1:9)


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