Where You Can Get US Food in the UK

Where You Can Get US Food in the UK

Where to get your favorite US foods in the UK

*This is a collaborative post.

It is strongly believed that you cannot understand other culture without getting acquainted with its cuisine. That’s why any experienced tourist tries to find local favorite haunts to try food there and avoid the overpriced tourist traps. Visiting these places means you can get a taste of the country as well as the food – strike up a conversation with the locals, or order an unusual delicacy.

But the novelty might start to wear off, and you might start to fell homesick. But if you’re visiting the United Kingdom from the US, there are a host of places you can visit to get a taste of home. After wandering the cultural and historical treasures of old ‘Albion’, maybe one day you realize how much you miss your homeland. And however savory the British cuisine maybe, you feel a longing for your homeland foods. The nearer travel is to its completion, the much more often you recall your favorite Hershey’s chocolate kisses, soda, nourishing hamburgers and cereals.


Or you might live in the UK and fancy something American. So here are London restaurants with American spirit and foods as well.

  •  Rainforest Cafe is small jungle. There you’ll be surrounded by elephants, crocodiles and gorillas. Rainforest Classic Steak Burger will be tastier if eaten in this group of friends. It is situated in the center of West End.
  • Joe’s Southern Kitchen & Bar’s specialty is chicken fried over a beer can – it looks odd, but tastes great!
  • Red Dog Saloon is a funky American barbeque restaurant. Here you’ll find ribs and steak you miss so much during your travelling. Having a meal there make sure you don’t go to your hotel, pack luggage and come back to the United States of America to host a barbeque party on your courtyard!
  • Planet Hollywood goes next. Of course, Hollywood is inseparable from American image. This restaurant is decorated by movie memorabilia. So, if you miss not only US foods, but also movies, you’ll able to kill two birds with one stone. Planet Hollywood’s menu won’t let you go without trying pizza, salads, ribs, steaks, fish, burgers and mouthwatering deserts.

Anna Mae’s Southern, Street Food, Beard to Tail, Pitt Cue Co, Dukes Brew & Que, Big Easy, Mother Clucker are other picks where you can enjoy the Stateside cuisine and get refueled to continue discovering culture of the Foggy Albion.

Thus, having provided you with places to buy and have American food, London will make you feel at home, where they know all about your taste and where the table is served with your favorite Hershey’s chocolate and other yummy stuff. It is a nice bonus, isn’t it? Just do not forget to include them in your itinerary.

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