intelliGLASS from intelliARMOR

intelliGLASS from intelliARMOR

Oil & Smudge Resistant

*I received a intelliGLASS screen protector to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!
I have oily skin. Whenever I use my phone, I have to wipe the screen down, almost every time. If that’s not enough, my grandchildren like to play with my & my husband’s phones, when they visit. There’s nothing quite like picking up a phone with a screen full off sticky fingerprints. Thank goodness, we worry about it less because now we have intelliGLASS from intelliARMOR.

intelliGlass Screen Protector

intelliGLASS is exactly what it says it is. It is a very thin slice of glass that sits over your phone screen to protect it. Not only does it help your screen resist oils and smudges, it is also protects from scratches and breaks. My husband is notorious for dropping phones. He is a telecommunications technician, and works in ceilings, so when he drops his phone, its usually a real drop.

intelliGLASS gives you everything you need to install perfectly!

intelliGLASS is very easy to install. Make sure you turn off all fans or anything that will cause an air current where you are working. I didn’t, and it really can cause a problem. The first thing you do is wipe your screen with an alcohol prep wipe. Clean all around the edges of your phone as well as the screen.

Use the included alcohol prep wipe to remove the grime from your screen

Next using the cloth included, dry your screen and clean off any smears or smudges made by the alcohol prep wipe. Make sure you get all around the edges of your phone. If you don’t get it completely dry, your intelliGLASS won’t stick down. Then peel the backing off your intelliGLASS and line it up with your screen. Drop it down, and press down from the middle out to the edges.

So clear you can see the overhead lamp reflection!

Ta-da! Your screen is now protected from scratches and smudges!

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