A Little Help from HCG Ultra Diet Drops

A Little Help from HCG Ultra Diet Drops

Losing Weight Takes Work

*I received product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

I am not here to tell you that I lost a ton of weight using HCG Ultra Diet Drops. I think anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows I’ve tried several different ‘weight loss products’ without much success. The reason is, I just don’t work out. I could list the hundreds of excuses for why I can’t lose weight but the truth is I have trouble staying away from sweets, and I don’t get much exercise.

HCG Ultra Diet Drops and more exercise should help me drop the weight

For the new year, I made a resolution to work harder on losing weight. I got a Garmin VivoFit to help me start moving more, and it is helping. I’ve been walking a lot more than I did before. I realized that besides not getting any exercise, I also had a tendency to eat too much. I could eat two helpings at dinner. That wasn’t doing me any good at all. Snacking around 9:30 wasn’t helping either – especially when it was a candy bar, or bowl of ice cream. I knew I had to stop.

When I saw the HCG Ultra Diet Drops being offered for review, I almost passed them up. I mean, none of them worked that well. I started thinking about what I had seen on television when HCG first got popular, and decided I would at least give it a try. It couldn’t be any worse than any of the other junk I’d tried!

HCG Ultra Diet Drops

So. Do the HCG Ultra Diet Drops work? It remains to be seen. Is it helping? Yes, I do think so. Twenty five drops under the tongue before each meal. I can say it’s easier to push myself away from the table after a smaller portion of food. I don’t snack through out the day like I used to, either. I’m making healthier choices in food, and making sure I eat more veggies than other foods.  If I need a snack, I grab a handful of grapes, or part of a cucumber. Totally more satisfying than a candy bar (although I still crave ice cream)!

So, sticking with exercise, and eating less than before, we are going to hope I can drop a few pounds through the rest of the year. I’d like to feel more comfortable in a swimsuit next year!

Do you have any suggestions for ways to lose weight? What has worked for you?

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