SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld San Antonio

Fun & Learning All In One!

The beautiful arched entryway to SeaWorld San Antonio

The beautiful arched entryway to SeaWorld San Antonio

Where do I begin?! We are still a little tired from our wild, wet, working weekend at AdventureCon15. SeaWorld® San Antonio is the most amazing place! There is so much to see and do, if you haven’t been there yet, you really should find a way.

Me with my boys at SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld® San Antonio has the most subtle way of inserting facts and education into their shows, so while you are being amazed and having a wonderful time, you are also learning. That makes it an even more desirable trip to moms like me! I love it when my boys can learn something while having fun.

Pacific Whiteside Dolphin Show at SeaWorld® San Antonio

Of course the rides were amazing as well (the boys made sure I got soaked on the Rio Loco by figuring out how to place me directly under the waterfall! They also made sure I sat in an outside seat (the wettest seats) on the Journey to Atlantis. Can you see the fear on my face?? I opened my eyes and looked as we were going down!

My family on the Journey To Atlantis ride at SeaWorld San Antonio

My boys (middle seat) on Steel Eel at SeaWorld® San Antonio

My boys are in the middle seat. They loved this ride!

Since it was a working vacation, we got to see and learn about a few things that people who visit SeaWorld®, don’t normally get to experience, unless you take one of the special tours. We got to talk to trainers and listen to them talk about how long, and why they work at SeaWorld. They told us about the animals they train, how they take care of those animals, all the research the park does, and about how SeaWorld gives back. I’ll be sharing many of these things in another post or two later down the line.

Talking with a Trainer and a Pacific Whiteside Dolphin

We got to touch a shark, and pet stingrays!

Petting a Bamboo Shark at SeaWorld San Antonio

The shark’s skin is made of structures that are shaped like tiny teeth!

Petting Cow Nosed Stingrays at SeaWorld San Antonio

Petting stingrays is like petting velvet!

The AdventureCon15 conference was very informative, and I’m implementing some new processes to help make the blog an even better place, for you – my readers! The speakers were interesting, and I learned many new ways to enhance your time here. This was by far and away, the very best conference I’ve ever attended.

The Fabulous Speakers at SeaWorld® AdventureCon15

While the AdventureCon conference is an ‘invite-only’ conference, it is still one of the very best conferences I’ve ever attended. First, it’s a family conference. My whole family was invited. While bloggers are in the conference, our families are out enjoying the park, sending us pictures of the fun they are having. Second, it is the friendliest conference I’ve ever attended. At AdventureCon everyone is friendly, and helpful. I was totally at home the whole time, and made many new blogger friends. This is one conference I plan to make an annual ‘must-attend’ event.

I also feel a need to tell you that the Courtyard San Antonio SeaWorld®/Westover Hills was a wonderful host hotel for this event. The rooms were so big, and the beds were so very comfortable. I’ve never slept that good in a hotel, in my life.

Our room was great, and the beds are amazing! Best nights sleep I've ever gotten in a hotel!

Hubby has taken the whole week of July 12th off for vacation, and we plan to go back to SeaWorld® San Antonio. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below, and I will do my best to find the answers!

Which part of SeaWorld® San Antonio would be your family’s favorite? 

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