BIC Writing Instruments for Back To School

BIC Writing Instruments for Back To School

What Did You Write With In School?

*I received s fantastic assortment of BIC products to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own!

In elementary school it’s pretty sure that you wrote with a #2 pencil. Once you got into Junior High School, you probably had a BIC stick pen in your hand to work on that homework that those teachers loaded you down with every day. Chances are, your kids also have BIC writing instruments in their backpacks too! BIC makes a huge assortment of writing utensils to help you make it through your day, whether it’s at school or on the job!

BIC makes a huge assortment of writing instruments. These are just a few!

My boys love these mechanical pencils, and they each chose their favorites pretty quickly. The boys tell me writing is easier with a mechanical pencil. That leaves the colorful wooden #2 pencils for me! They’ll come in very handy when the younger grandkids are here. They love to draw for me!

BIC Pencils - regular and mechanical. The Back-To-School writing staple!

If your children are in high school, like mine, it’s really more important for them to have pens to write with. I mean, they technically think they are grown up when they get to high school, don’t they? Adults write with pens, right? BIC has the best pens. Writing with that Atlantis pen is a dream. It glides right along on almost every surface, without leaving blobs, or skipping. It feels wonderful!

Everyone needs a good pen for writing letters. BIC has the best!

I love highlighters. They are great at their job of helping you remember important passages in books. I really like that these new Brite Liner Erasable Highlighter Pens are actually erasable. This way, if I decide something isn’t as important as I originally thought, I can erase the highlighter marks!

These new BIC highlighters are erasable! Erase any writing you decide you don't like.

BIC has been such a huge part of my life, from the time I started school to my children starting school, and now my grandchildren also!

What is your favorite writing instrument?


  1. I think BIC makes the best pens. I’ve always used them for as long as I can remember. They last forever too!

  2. School supplies make me happy! I love ink pens with a really fine line. I seek them out!

    • I agree with you about the pens with a fine line. It bugs me when they say ‘Fine Line’ but they don’t write that way!

  3. Those highlighters definitely come in handy in college. I can’t believe they’re erasable!

    • I had a hard time with that too, until I used them! The eraser isn’t your normal ‘rubber’ type eraser, but a liquid like the highlighter. It’s amazing that you can erase them at all though!

  4. We love buying BIC products for school as well as for everyday writing at home too.

  5. I grew up using Bic pens! Need to pick some up for my daughter soon.

  6. Jennifer Essad says:

    I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s – we used to visit the hobby shop in the mall and buy amazing writing tools. I wish they still made the “Lindy” pens, they came in amazing colors of ink and in a short or long pen

    • You know, I think I remember those. I did a little research, and unfortunately the company went out of business in 1990. The empty pens are selling for $10 on eBay!!

      • Jennifer Essad says:

        wow, that’s crazy. It’s hard to believe and ink pen can bring back so many memories. I saved my chore money for those pens and my mom would walk with us up to the mall so we could spend our money. I enjoy collecting writing instruments and the hunt is most fun.

  7. We love BIC! I just bought my kids a ton last week

  8. Oh man just seeing the stuff you got is making me giddy! I have always LOVED school supplies- and BIC is definitely my go-to brand for pencils & pens! When I was a kid I refused to use any other brand of mechanical pencil.

    • I get giddy too, but only over art supplies! My boys love those mechanical pencils, but I’d rather have a charcoal pencil in my hand!

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