Cascade Caverns – the Coolest Vacation!

Cascade Caverns – the Coolest Vacation!

Cascade Caverns is a really COOL place!

Coolest Vacation Idea for the August Heat

August is the hottest part of the summer, and school will be starting soon. So what’s a quick, fun thing you can do in the hottest part of the Summer? Cascade Caverns! Cascade Caverns is the coolest thing you can do – literally! The Caverns stay right at 68° all year round. It felt like someone left the A/C on down there!

When you first drive into Cascade Caverns, the first thing you see is this giant Tyrannosaurus Rex!
My boys with the Awesome TRex at Cascade Caverns

He was constructed and used in the movie Father Hood, starring Patrick Swayze. He was donated to the park  by Hollywood and Walt Disney Studios.  I think he’s kind of amazing. Ok, so now – into the ‘down under’!

The boys in the photo opp at Cascade Caverns

First my husband’s cousin got the boys to sit in the photo opp for pictures. They never would have done that for me! Then we went outside to wait for our tour guide. They gave some of us flashlights and we proceeded down into the caverns….

Peep In The Deep at Cascade Caverns. The pulley used to hold the rope that lowered that bucket (with a person in it!) down into the Cavern!

That hole in the ground is how people used to get into the cavern. They would  be lowered down that hole, in that bucket, by a rope strung over that pulley!

Ok, the caverns got flooded recently, so all the lights they had down there were destroyed. That means the only light we had was from flashlights, so I want you to forgive the light quality in these next photos that I took down in the caverns…

Twin Sisters Stalagmites/Stalagtites at Cascade Caverns!

These are the Twin Sister Stalagtite/Stalagmites. The water dripping down, and leaving mineral deposits is what leaves these beautiful formations. The boys were able to catch this pure, clean, earth-filtered water, flowing down from a different formation in their hands and drink it. They said it tasted great!

Cascade Caverns is all natural, so there are some tight spaces to walk through!

There are some small spaces to walk through. In this section we had to bend over and scrunch down a little to get through. It just made it more exciting! At the end of the walk inside the caverns, there was a beautiful wall of mineral deposits, that looked like a cascading waterfall. It’s where the name Cascade Caverns comes from! Because my picture didn’t turn out well from the lighting being, well, minimal, I am posting Cascade Cavern’s picture.

Picture by Cascade Caverns

Right now you can get $1 off a children’s ticket or $2 off an adult ticket or $5 off camping. (Yes, they have plenty of room for RV or tent camping. I’ll elaborate more on another upcoming post!) Click on the picture above for a coupon, or follow this link.

Would you like to see something like Cascade Caverns? Please tell me why!


  1. That looks like a great place to visit on a hot summer day! I’d imagine being in TX during the summer could be miserable. What a fun way to escape the heat! I’d enjoy going there because I’m always fascinated by how nature works!

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