Mia Bella And SHEBA® – Love At First Bite

Mia Bella And SHEBA® – Love At First Bite

SHEBA® = More Protein and No Fillers

*This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and SHEBA®. All opinions are my own.

When Vocalpoint contacted me about trying SHEBA® cat food, I had to say yes. Why? Because I’ve bought a few cans of SHEBA® cat foods before, as treats for my kitties. I knew that they would jump all over this food! Then, when this amazing kit arrived, I washed out the little bowl immediately, and filled it with SHEBA® Chicken Entree!

The #SwitchToSHEBA kit

Have you ever purchased and opened a package of SHEBA® cat food? You can tell as soon as you see it, that it is not like any other cat food. This food looks like people food, not cat food. The meats are diced or shredded, and smothered in the most amazing sauces. They don’t smell like cat food either. I was almost afraid my teenage son would actually grab a fork to try it.

SHEBA® Chicken Entree - Does that look like cat food to you?

The first ingredient in all SHEBA® cat foods is meat. Cats are carnivores. In the wild they kill and eat, meat. Our barn cats still catch and kill rats, mice, moles, snakes and birds. The inside cats don’t get that chance, but they can still have a meat filled meal with SHEBA® cat foods.

Mia Bella loves SHEBA® cat foods! Look at her go!

This is a kitty who loves her SHEBA® cat food! Mia Bella thinks SHEBA® is the “cat’s meow”! Our other cat, Rusty, loves SHEBA® as well, but he gobbled his up so fast, I didn’t have time to get his picture! His favorite is the Salmon Entree, which looks a lot like pate, don’t you think? …

SHEBA® Salmon Entree - It looks like pate, doesn't it?

SHEBA® cat foods come in ‘Cuts’, ‘Pate’, and ‘Perfect Portions’. My cats are fans of all of them. If you don’t want to feed SHEBA foods to your cats every day, think about at least treating them occasionally. I don’t feed canned foods all the time, but when I do, it’s always SHEBA® cat foods!

Do you have a cat? What kind is he? If you don’t have a cat, can you tell me why?

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