Moms! Do Something For Yourself

Moms! Do Something For Yourself

Take A Little ‘Me’ Time

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Wow. Moms! You are amazing!

The job of ‘Mom’ is a very important job. You spend your life caring for your family. You run errands and vacuums, do dishes, and ugh, laundry! You deserve to take a few minutes out of your busy week to enjoy a few indulgences in life. My favorite little indulgence is kind of crazy. It’s not a long hot bath with candles or a book. It’s actually local raw honey on biscuits. Yeah.

Raw Unfiltered Local Texas Honey from L.R. Rice and Pinnacle Foods

I also love natural peanut butter and honey. Sometimes I’ll mix the two in a cup and just eat the mixture with a spoon. Mmmmm. Please realize that, from the beginning, I have used the word ‘occasional’. If I ate peanut butter and honey every afternoon I would be as big as a house. I do occasionally indulge in a good peanut butter and honey sandwich with a few Snyder of Berlin potato chips for lunch. These are the chips Hubby also loves in his lunches.

Snyder of Berlin Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips from Pinnacle Foods

On a healthier note, notice that the L.R. Rice® honey bottle says ‘Raw & Unfiltered’ as well as ‘Local Texas Wildflower’. What all of that means is that this honey contains particles of pollen from the local wildflowers. That small amount of pollen works like an anti-venom for allergies. A little bit of local, unfiltered, raw honey taken daily has helped to ease my family’s allergy symptoms. My 14 year old likes it right off the spoon. I love it in my coffee. We are very rarely without a bottle of local raw honey in the house. Make sure it’s local raw honey though, so you are getting the pollen from the exact flowers that cause your allergy problems!

Honey and Biscuits are the best for breakfast. Pinnacle Foods & R.L. Rice Honey

I do also want to make it perfectly clear that honey should not be given to children under one year of age. It can give babies botulism, which can be fatal.

Ok, now for my other little indulgence. I love naps. I don’t get to take them very often, and at my age, I think an occasional catnap is perfectly fine. *Ya-a-a-a-a-awn. I think I’ll take that little indulgence right now.

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What is YOUR little indulgence? 

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