NatGeo Books – Fun Learning While Reading

NatGeo Books – Fun Learning While Reading

Learning Fun with Books from National Geographic

*I received books to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Do you want your kids to love to read? The best way for that to happen is if they have fun reading. The easiest way to learn something is reading. If you want your children to r-e-e-ally learn, you’ll get them books from National Geographic. Kids want to have fun, and fun is what they’ll have with these books.

Five wonderful National Geographic books that will help your child learn and LOVE reading!

Let’s start with the Just Joking book. It’s full of fun jokes your child can share with you. Reading these jokes is fun! One of the things I learned (and it took me a while believe me!) is that, as long as they are reading, that is what matters most at first. Being fun enough to make reading fun is what gets them to keep reading. This book is so fun, it will make them come back for more!

Funny Fill Ins books from National Geographic help your child learn about reading!

The Funny Fill-in: My Time Travel Adventure  and Funny Fill In: My Rainforest Adventure books help children learn about subjects, nouns, verbs, plural, singular, and all that good stuff in a really fun way. These type of books helped my boys a lot!

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The National Geographic Quiz Whiz 5 book helps get children interested in Science, Biology, and my fave, their Environment! The questions make it so interesting, and makes you want to find the answers. In my opinion, children retain more information from this kind of learning!

Quiz Whiz from National Geographic helps get children interested in Science, Biology, and environmental issues.

Finally, what is more fun than stickers? I’m old and I still love stickers! I know a couple of my grandsons really love stickers too. I love that this sticker book also teaches Geography. Children can learn about the World with this sticker book. So just look at all the stickers in the Fierce Animals Sticker Activity Book!

National Geographic Sticker Books have a TON of great stickers!

Your child can learn so much from National Geographic books. And, who knows – you might learn a few things too!

What kind of books does your child read? What kind do YOU read?


  1. My kids love a variety of activity and coloring books. I also buy them composition books and when the words “I’m bored” come out of their mouths, I send them to write or draw in their journals. I love to read blogs. No time to read books with three little ones keeping me busy.

  2. My boys are a boy old for those books, but I remember them living the nat geo books when they were younger! Now they’re on chapter books.

    • Mimi! NatGeo makes chapter type books too! They have books for all ages. You should check them out online!

  3. I bet my girls would love these! I see in your comment above that they make chapter books too. I could get these for my youngest and chapter books for my oldest!

  4. Im a huge fan of NatGeo for kids. My daughter has so many of these types of books and can read them over and over again!

    • I love these books as well. My older son had a lot of trouble reading when he was younger. NatGeo books made it fun for him, so it made learning to read easier for him.

  5. We have a huge collection of NatGeo books! My kids and I love them!

  6. My kids and I enjoy the Nat Geo books too. They are a lot of fun to read. I also have the same mindset as you do that as long as they are reading for fun the rest will come later. I personally enjoy reading all kinds of books from different genres.

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