Tips for a Relaxing Vacation with Children

Tips for a Relaxing Vacation with Children

Can I Get A Vacation from My Vacation?

Why are vacations so tiring? So often I hear people say they are exhausted after their vacations. Hubby took a week of his vacation for the summer. We hit the beach, went to the zoo, hit the beach again, saw the Cascade Caverns, and visited with some relatives at their little farm in the Hill Country. I’m actually pretty relaxed, refreshed, and ready to get back to work! Why am I so relaxed when everyone else is run completely ragged after vacation? Planning! Here are some tips to a more relaxing vacation!

Pack Your Suitcase, Not Your Schedule

Keep your children’s ages in mind first and foremost. If you have toddlers or younger children, pack a few most loved toys/blankets/comfort items. They need something familiar to hang on to, and love on while in strange surroundings. Plan short excursions so you don’t tire them out too quickly or they could get cranky. The easy way to do this is to make sure you plan for naps if your child still takes them. Please, do not think that they will sleep in the stroller, or carrier. New places and new things are very interesting and sometimes a little scary. It could keep them awake, and then, before you know it, you have a cranky toddler. Make it easier on yourself! Give that sweet Little some time to renew his or her energy, and maybe even get a nap yourself! If you are traveling with Littles, you could need one!

I had a relaxing vacation to Oklahoma with my daughter & grandkids!

So, you have older children or teens? You should still leave a little time somewhere in the day to slow down and chill out. Maybe a leisure lunch before getting back into the fray. If you have teens, give them some time to explore a little on their own. You can do this at amusement parks, camping, just about anywhere you travel. Have everyone set an alarm on their phone so they know it’s time to head back to an appointed meeting place. Talk for a while about what they saw, did, or found. We love to do this when we go to the beach or go camping. When camping, the rule is to stay on the trail, and they are only allowed to hike that trail for 5-10 minutes before turning back. If they can see us, and we can see them, they are ok.

Me with my boys at SeaWorld San Antonio

No matter what your children’s ages are, have at least an hour of ‘down-time’ before bed at night. Talk about the day, the neat things they found, or saw. What were their favorite rides, their favorite part of the day? Give them time to wind down from all the fun and flurry of the day before they go to bed. They will sleep better, and so will you!

Relaxing before bed. Talking about the day.

Above all, remember that vacations are for relaxing! If you need to, you can always come back to your vacation spot to see the things you may have missed on the first vacation!

What are your tips for a relaxing vacation? 


  1. Great tips! We’ve totally experienced needing a vacation AFTER our vacation! Having some down time sprinkled in, is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing 😉

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