4 Items To Make Travel Easier

4 Items To Make Travel Easier

Make Travel Less Stressful

*Yes,I received product to facilitate this review, but only so I could tell you how awesome I think it is! Of course, these opinions are mine alone! 

This summer we did a pretty good amount of traveling. I will admit it was even more than we usually do in the summer – and we didn’t even visit my parents in Oklahoma, or North Texas! With all the traveling, I found that there are a few things I really needed. These are the things that I will make sure are packed before every trip we take from here on out.

  • Phone Chargers – I will be making sure we have at least three phone charger cords and plugs packed (both house and car!). One of them always gets misplaced until the day we leave. Basically all of our phones use the same charger, except my husband’s work phone, so I make sure we have at least three. I’ve also made sure all of our vehicles have a charger in the glove box. This way we are sure to be able to charge phones there as well.

My mess of power cords and chargers!

  • Travel Pillow – We didn’t start using these until recently, but now they have become one of the most important things for travel. The boys always make sure these are in the truck before anything else. My favorite travel pillow is this Squishy Deluxe Microbead Convertible Travel Pillow.

This great Travel Pillow saves your neck on long trips!

I love that this particular travel pillow changes from the regular horse-shoe shape to a bolster type pillow.

This travel pillow turns into a bolster!

This makes it smaller, so it takes up a little less room in the truck, since space is a limited commodity on long trips.

The Bolster is fantastic!


There are plenty of microbeads in the pillow so it is extremely comfortable. It also comes in several different colors so you can find one that matches your vehicle!


  • Snacks/Drinks – This one pretty much goes without saying. We pack snacks and drinks so we don’t have to stop and pay an arm and a leg for sodas and chips at convenience stores. We always take a cooler full of drinks in the back of the truck. That way it’s easy to stop and grab a drink and get back on the road. I pack a bag of fruit, chips and cookies too.
  • Aspirin/Ibuprofen – For some reason, travel tends to lead to a headache. This may only be because we always travel with children. For whatever reason, I keep some type of analgesic in my purse all the time. I make absolutely sure, when we travel, that there is a large bottle kept in the cab of the truck.

It's always good to have Ibuprofen on hand!

All these items are first in the truck when we are on our way out for a road trip, no matter whether it will be long or short. I don’t want to be without any of them.

What’s on your ‘must have’ list for travel?

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