Tx Fall Home And Garden Show 2015

Tx Fall Home And Garden Show 2015

A Bi-Annual Family Event

When my oldest daughter started working this month, I lost my ‘event’ buddy. There were things we did together every year. The Spring Home & Garden Show, MOM EXPO, Fall Home & Garden Show, a summer road trip with her four children – these were things we always did together – every year. Now I have to find a new ‘event – buddy’ to share my adventures with. Since it was kind of a short notice, Hubby and the boys have decided to go with me to the Fall Home & Garden Show. Today. Yes, Today.

Here are a few pictures from the Spring Home & Garden show 2015, earlier this year when my daughter and granddaughter went with me.  We had a great time, as I’m sure you’ll see….

Princess Geli On Her Throne Spring Home and Garden Show 2015

My gorgeous granddaugher. I believe that is glitter reflecting the light on her face. Anyway, she found this beautiful chair and decided to take a short rest in it, while her mom and I were moseying around. She was almost laying down in it, but mean old Nana made her sit up and smile for a picture. Isn’t she beautiful?

My Geli and the Big Bad Spider TX Spring Home and Garden Show 2015

Yes, that is a tarantula. Yes that is my granddaughter. She actually asked to hold it. Since I have a very intense case of arachnophobia, I had to stand far away. Not to mention the fact that I know tarantulas can jump very large distances because they are all over where I grew up in Oklahoma. That’s my daughter taking a picture in the background. Honestly there were a lot of people trying to take my Geli’s picture. That little girl wanting to hold a tarantula? Yep.

Daffy gets a hug! Texas Spring Home and Garden Show 2015 has it all!

Daffy Duck!! He really sneaked up on her while she was filling out an entry for something. She didn’t even see him until she stood up. After she finally saw him, he grabbed a quick hug before we went to another booth. She thought I was crazy when I told her I had to have this picture, but sometimes our lives are a cartoon.

The Giant Cow - Tx Spring Home and Garden Show 2015

Yes, she is standing under a cow’s behind. While she was standing there, from someplace close there came a loud noise. My daughter started giggling, but I didn’t understand why. She told me it sounded like the cow had released gas. Ok, that’s not what she said. Through her giggles she said it sounded like the cow had farted. This is when I burst out laughing, and had trouble getting the picture. Geli started asking why we were laughing and her mom asked her if she had anything in her hair. She ran her fingers through her hair, and said, “No, why?” So her mom told her. She started giggling as well. I guess this weird humor runs in the family.

We all had a great time, and I am going to miss going with my daughter this year. I’m sure I’ll have just as much fun with Joel and the boys at the Fall Home and Garden Show 2015 though. Home and Garden shows are always fun. I’ll take lots of pictures to share with you!

Do you like going to trade shows like the Tx Home and Garden Show?