Maggie Mae’s Tricks for Treats

Maggie Mae’s Tricks for Treats

VetIQ® Treats – Not Just For Halloween!

*Maggie Mae received these wonderful treats from True Science in exchange for her honest unbiased opinion – which I will share with you!

VetIQ® carries all kinds of supplements and medications for your pet!

You have no idea how hard it is to follow the instructions on the VETIQ® Hip & Joint Soft Chews! The instructions on the bag say, “Half chew every other day”, but when Maggie inhales hers and then looks up at me with those big dark marble eyes, begging for more … it’s kind of heartbreaking.

Maggie loves these VetIQ® Hip & Joint chews!

These treats are actually a supplement. They help keep her joints healthy. They support cartilage, lubricate joints, and help maintain muscles.

Hip & Joint supplements from VetIQ®

She’s a pretty active dog for as old as she is. I’m kind of surprised at her some days when I’m barely limping around and she’s jumping, and racing back and forth between me and the door to go out.

Vet IQ®'s Hip & Joint Supplements have a chicken flavor!

I know VetIQ® Hip & Joint Soft Chews are what keep her this active.  For a while Maggie was acting like she was a little achy on days that we had cold, wet weather. Now she’s rip roaring and ready to go – even if my old body isn’t!

Minties Dental Treats keep doggy breath smelling sweet!

Ahhh Thank goodness we have Minties to follow up the VetIQ® Hip & Joint chews! We buy Minties on a pretty regular basis, and have for years. Maggie loves the way they taste. I love that it takes her just a little while to work on one of those little green bones. I also love that they leave her with sweet-smelling, minty breath. I don’t know what she finds and eats when she’s outside, but whatever it is, leaves her breath nasty. Minties save the day!

Maggie loves these Minties treats from VetIQ®

If the cats come over begging for a nibble, Maggie growls and takes her treat to a different location, far from the cats. Those Minties have some great ingredients, so I can see why the cats would like to steal them.

Maggie has to guard her VetIQ® Minties from the cats!

Natural Chicken flavor, Garlic, Brewers Dried Yeast, Dried Alfalfa (the Chlorophyll takes bad breath right out of the picture!), Parsley, Fennel, Dill, and Peppermint; they all work to make a treat that tastes great and keeps her breath tolerable!

Minties from VetIQ® help keep teeth clean and breath fresh!

That’s not all these treats do though! They also help to remove plaque and tarter from her teeth. Just like a little doggy toothbrush!

What kind of treats do you feed your four-legged friends?

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