The LED Flashlight Koozie

The LED Flashlight Koozie

Where Did Your Drink Go? Find It Easy!

*I received this product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

We fish. We love to fish. We’ll pack up the poles & tackleboxes, a cooler full of drinks, a bag full of snacks and the kids and take off for the beach on any given Friday night or Saturday morning. We’ll fish until late into the night, and then, when everyone is falling asleep over their poles, decide we’ve stayed late enough. I drink a lot of water on these trips, and I’m always losing my water bottle. Either I’ll set it down to go see what someone has found or caught, or I’ll set it down to get things packed up, and then not be able to find it when it’s all loaded. That’s why I need the LED Flashlight Koozie!

The LED Flashlight Koozie Set

This very handy little koozie lights up my water bottle so I can see where I put it down, after the sun has gone down. I love that all I have to do is scan the table or the beach and be able to find my bottle no matter what! How? It shines!

The LED Flashlight Koozie with White Light

Just look at that bottle shine! The Cooler Torch has 9 LED lights in the bottom of it. They are Red White and Green. It’s big enough for a normal or larger sized bottles. There is an insert for smaller bottles, or cans, so no matter how big or small, your drink stays cold. It also shines enough to help you see to put another worm or minnow on the hook!

The LED Flashlight Koozie with Green light

The LED Flashlight Koozie is the perfect gift for your fishing buddies, your sports buddies, kids, or girlfriends! YES! Girlfriends! It comes in different colors so you can choose their favorite. Kids love this Koozie just because it lights up. I’m pretty sure I’ll be stuffing a few in stockings this year for Christmas.

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