Family Portraits at Portrait Innovations

Family Portraits at Portrait Innovations

Family Portraits Are Lasting Memories

This is the time of year that many families choose to update their family portraits. Can you believe that before last weekend, my family had not had a ‘family portrait’ done in years. Yes, actually, this was the last family portrait we had done (around 1996). This is why I wanted to try to gather my family for a family portrait at Portrait Innovations.

Our 1996 Family Portrait

Now, my little family has grown substantially from 1996 to now. In fact, I was so worried we would not be able to coordinate this as easily as we did. You see, my father has cancer. He’s been living with it for a while, but recently had some medical problems and I wanted something special for him for Christmas. I wanted to give him a family portrait of all of my family – all of the grand-kids and great grand children… I knew this would be an undertaking.

Waiting for our family portraits appointment.

Portrait Innovations employees were so accommodating when I scheduled the appointment. You can even do it online! Honestly, though, with as many of us as there are, I wasn’t sure how crazy this might turn out. I had absolutely no reason to worry. Even when my granddaughter was running a little behind, Portrait Innovations took the next appointment and switched us. It gave her plenty of time to arrive! The Portrait Innovations employees and photographers were so professional! We actually had lots of fun with this appointment. This is my favorite of all the family portraits that were taken…

Scheduling family portraits at Portrait Innovations is easy! Do it online!

That’s my crew. Aren’t they wonderful?! Now, Portrait Innovations is SO great! They took so many pictures I got dizzy! Each of my children’s families pictures were taken, as well as individual pictures taken of all the grandchildren. Oh! This is my favorite of all of the grandchildren!

All my grandchildren & great grandchildren!

I am so blessed with my wonderful family. They have all grown up so much since that first picture in 1996. I’ve also added a husband and two more fantastic boys. I was so happy when the photographer suggested a picture of me, Hubby and the kids only. How does this picture compare with that first picture?! Remember, my oldest son is missing from this picture.

Ok, we're missing my oldest son, but this is a pic of me, hubby and the kids. Thank you Portrait Innovations!

Portrait Innovations is a great place to have your family portraits done. I cannot remember a day that I cried or laughed so much! Just look at this picture of my last two boys!

My boys back to back - included in our family portraits package!

This picture is actually hilarious because the boy on the left is the oldest, and the one on the right is the youngest. The looks on their faces tell it all! Now I have the perfect gift for my father, as well as a few for other family members! We chose a 9×13 to give my dad. I’ll put it in a frame with a little matting and it will be perfect. Portrait Innovations also has hardback photo books, soft cover photo books, Christmas cards, and ornaments! There were so many choices, we chose the soft cover photo books, and Christmas cards. The cards will be going out shortly after Thanksgiving.

Portrait Innovations even has family portraits Christmas Cards!

This was the easiest sitting for family portraits that we’ve ever had. I’m hoping we can make it an annual affair, and hopefully, next year, my oldest son can make it as well!

When did you last have family portraits done? Isn’t it time?


  1. Wow! Great pictures and so awesome that they were able to fit everyone in one picture! What a great gift for your dad and for you to have a family photo after so long! We love Portrait Innovations, too!

    • I can’t believe how amazing the photographers are! So patient and wonderful with children!

  2. Has anyone told you….you look amazimg! So happy… they really captured not only just a picture… but a memory… and an emotion. … I can feel the love and happiness the family shares.
    I love the pic of you hubby and your kids…. and all the grandkids reading a story… that is “picture perfect”.

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