Transform Your Tech With SkinIt

Transform Your Tech With SkinIt

Don’t Like the Looks of Your Game Console?

Transform your tech with SkinIt! SkinIt is the way to give the tech items you own, the looks you want. It doesn’t have to be a game console. It can be your phone, your laptop, your game controllers. Almost anything tech you own can be transformed with SkinIt. Any skin you choose can be applied easily and quickly. Within minutes your phone could be rocking your favorite sports teams SkinIt, or your favorite comic book hero. There are thousands of different subjects to choose from for every piece of technology you own. When I went looking for something for my LG G Tablet there were so many that I loved – I couldn’t choose! That’s why I let my son choose what he wanted, and he chose the awesome Houston Texans logo to transform his PS3. Just look how easy is to transform your tech with SkinIt ….

First, clean your technology to get off any dirt or grime that might keep your SkinIt from sticking.

My son's PS3 before we applied SkinIt

Once you have it sparkly clean, it’s time to apply your SkinIt. My son said the only thing he didn’t like about his SkinIt is that the directions were very vague. There was a generic instruction sheet with pictures of a phone and a laptop but nothing about the PS3.

Directions for SkinIt

From what my son told me, there were several different PS3’s made, so there were some pieces of the SkinIt that didn’t fit. The parts that did were easy to put on and fit like a glove!

Transform your tech quickly and easily with SkinIt!

Look how easy it is to transform your tech with SkinIt!

His PS3 does look a whole lot better than the black lump it used to be! You can transform your tech to look this amazing too!

Transform your tech with SkinIt!

So, now I’m ready to transform my tech with SkinIt too. Fortunately, I own a lot of tech items, so maybe I can get one of every cool subject matter I wanted. Or, I could just change the SkinIt on my Kindle and LG G tablet every single month. SkinIt kits aren’t expensive, so I could afford to transform a different piece of tech every month!

 How would you transform your tech? Visit SkinIt and then come tell me!

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