Sleepyheads PJ’s And Christmas Tradition

Sleepyheads PJ’s And Christmas Tradition

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I love Flannel Pajamas Christmas Traditions!

Christmas is full of traditions. Many families do their best to spend Christmas together. Some open a gift on Christmas Eve. Some families go caroling. One of my favorite traditions is that I make a Christmas ornament for my grandkids every year. Ok, I’ve missed a few years here and there and in between. It happens to the best of us, but I do my best. One tradition that I wish I could have started is a ‘Christmas Eve Pajama Party’ with the grandkids. I would love to be able to get them all matching flannel pajamas from SleepyHeads.

Sleepyhead Frankie & Johnny Women's Flannel Pajamas

If I didn’t have twelve grandchildren, this tradition might have been a little more feasible. I am considering doing it with the older grandkids – possibly next year. The pajamas from are so adorable, and great quality pajamas. They are also pretty warm! These are the Frankie & Johnny Women’s Flannel Pajamas with Matching Footie. So cute! I love this Hot Chocolate pattern!

I love this Hot Chocolate print!

Every year on Christmas morning when we open gifts, I let Joel take pictures of the boys while I get dressed. I have to be dressed before I let him take pictures of me, because I usually sleep in a mismatch of bottoms and t-shirts. Not this year! This year I can wear my Hot Chocolate print pajamas.

Sleepyhead Frankie & Johnny Women's Flannel Pajamas

The footies that come with the Frankie & Johnny Women’s Flannel Pajamas are just so wonderful! Since Hubby put laminate flooring down, the floors are pretty chilly during the winter months. I’ve been wearing socks in the morning to keep my feet warm. Now I can wear the footies that came with my Sleepyheads Pajamas. They are made from the same flannel as the pajamas, with a furry fabric inside to keep your feet toasty-warm. Don’t worry that they are made of flannel, you won’t slip and slide in them. They have little dots on the bottom to keep you on your feet and steady.

The Footies that come with your Sleepyheads Frankie & Johnny Women's Flannel Pajamas

I’m sure once the weather gets a little colder, I will appreciate these pajamas even more. In the meantime, I want one of you ladies to enjoy the same Frankie & Johnny Women’s Flannel Pajamas in Hot Chocolate print, that I am enjoying! Just enter on the Rafflecopter below!

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    I love The Cat’s Pajama Cupcake Blue Flannel Pajama Set! So cute!

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    I also like the Sleepytime Pjs Camouflage

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    The Softies by Paddi Murphy Women’s Camp Cotton Blend Adjustable Sleeve Long Gown looks really comfy!!

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    Lazy one bear bottom flapjacks!!!!!<3

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    SleepytimePjs Red Plaid Flannel Family Matching Pajamas

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    I like the Bedhead Women’s Flannel Royal Animal PJs!

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