Try A Brooch for A Vintage Look

Try A Brooch for A Vintage Look

Get The Look Of  The Golden Age Movie Stars with a Brooch

*I received a gorgeous brooch from Valdler to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

I am excited about this beautiful Valdler Imitation Pearl and Crystal Silver-Tone Brooch Pin.

Beautiful Imitation Pearl and Crystal Brooch by Valdler

It looks so much like the beautiful vintage brooches I’ve seen on the scarves of actresses from the golden age. Actresses like Lauren Bacall, Gene Tierney, Elizabeth Taylor and Vivian Leigh are the beautiful women I would imagine would be wearing this gorgeous brooch. In fact there is a picture of Vivian Leigh wearing a brooch that could be a twin of the one I received for review…

The beautiful young Vivien Leigh wearing a brooch.

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Brooches were normally worn at the center of the collar, or the decolletage in those days. Jewelry always has a reason, and I’m sure because of where brooches were worn, they were to draw attention. They are a beautiful adornment, but they are useful as well.

Betty Davis wears a brooch to hide a too low cut in her dress.

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Brooches can be worn at the decolletage to hold a ‘too low cut’ shirt closed to a respectable level, as Betty Davis wears in the picture above. If the top is still too low cut you can wear a scarf or wrap over it, pinned at your shoulder with a beautiful brooch. Just look at this beautiful brooch on Lana Turner’s mink stole.

Lana Turner with a Brooch on her stole

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Valdler carries many beautiful brooches, but this one was my favorite because it is fairly simple. It is a floral design with imitation pearls and crystals.

Imitation Pearl and Crystal Brooch from Valdler

The clasp in the back is very secure, and sturdy and will hold to even a heavier scarf or wrap.

The clasp of this Valdler Brooch is very secure.

I’m not one for all the glitz, but Valdler carries plenty of brooches that have a lot of sparkle! They are all very well-made, quality brooches. I’m sure you could find one to bring out your inner movie star.

Who is your favorite Golden Age Movie Star? Do you have any vintage jewelry that you love?



  1. You know, I’m not good at knowing people from the golden age, but I loved how they looked. I remember my mom and grandma having these kinds of broaches, and I loved them so much! These are so wonderful.

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