Invite Marie Callender’s To Your Party!

Invite Marie Callender’s To Your Party!

Less Stress, More Compliments with Marie Callender’s!

My husband, our boys, and I were supposed to go out of town for Thanksgiving. When our plans suddenly changed, my oldest daughter invited us to spend Turkey Day at her house. The meal was amazing with a Cajun Turkey, Cajun Brisket and a beautiful ham and all the trimmings that go with Thanksgiving.

My daughter had made several beautiful pies and she told me, they made her appreciate my Thanksgiving dinners even more now. I decided it was time to tell her my secret – Marie Callender’s Tips! She couldn’t believe that her favorite – the Razzleberry Pie – wasn’t made with blackberries from our fence line.

Marie Callender’s pies are always so pretty, but I always add my own touches. That’s what makes people think they are home made. I’ve never told the kids that those pies are not home made. In fact, I pretty much thought they knew the pies were store bought. My daughter told me it was probably all the time and care I take to “pretty them up” before I served them.

This is actually a Marie Callender’s Razzleberry Pie. I simply let it thaw for the 5 minutes the box directs. I used a sharp knife to cut out little shapes in a design, and put them up on top. Bake pie according to directions. Once cooled off, slice and add a dab of whipped cream on top. Well placed berries make the pie all mine. It’s so easy to pretty these pies up, and it saves a lot of time, when you need every second you can get.

Statistics show that in December, more than 11 million pies are sold. Wow. Even more amazing – an estimated 4 million of those pies are sold in the week before Christmas! I wonder how many of them use Marie Callender’s pies though. You could be the next one, are you already?

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