The Jersey Number Pendant from Pictures On Gold

The Jersey Number Pendant from Pictures On Gold

Jersey Number Jewelry for Your Sports Addict

Do you need the perfect Christmas gift for your Sport Fan? Pictures On Gold has the most wonderful idea – the Jersey Number Charm or Pendant! These are absolutely beautiful. I have a daughter-in-law that I never am sure what to get her. She is a sports nut, and she loves J.J. Watt (ok, who doesn’t love him?). I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a crazy sports fanatic, but I do love J.J. Watt. I love him because he is a Christian who isn’t ashamed to show it. So, since he is her favorite player, I decided his number 99 in one of these pendants would be the perfect gift for her this year!

Jersey Numbers are the perfect gift!

Pictures On Gold has a pendant/charm for every sport you can think of. I even saw a bowling charm that I know my mom would love! Baseball, Track, Basketball, Football, they thought of them all – even Tennis! Many of them can even be personalized. When I received this beautiful pendant, I knew my daughter-in-law would love it.

J.J.Watt Jersey Number Pendant from Pictures On Gold

When you order a pendant, they give you the option of engraving, and the option to add a chain. We added a beautiful box chain to the Jersey Number Pendant I ordered. Both are Sterling Silver, which is my favorite! You can always get them in white, or yellow gold, if you prefer.

It's only natural to want to give a gift as beautiful as Jersey Numbers from Pictures on Gold

Now, don’t think jersey number pendants & charms are all that Pictures On Gold offers. If you get a chance to check out the website, you will find all kinds of amazing things that any of your loved ones would be thrilled to receive for Christmas, as well as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Take a little time to scroll through the website and you will find all kinds of wonderful things.

What special person do you know, that would enjoy a Jersey Number Pendant or charm? 

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