Lets Get Ready For Summer Camp!

Be Prepared!

Ok, I know that part of the U.S. has snow right now, and that Christmas is still a week away. If you have school-aged children though, you know that the time is right to start checking out summer camps for your children. Those places fill up fast, so you want to get in early. If you’re looking for a great camp for your children, I suggest Tips on Trips and Camps for help. They have a lot of good teen camp choices.

Remember summer camp? If you never got to go away to summer camp, you have no idea what you missed out on. I went to summer camp once before I became a teenager. I think I was around 10 yrs old. It was a church summer camp that I attended, and I loved it. Of course, I missed my parents, but after the first night, I was fine! I went to summer camp as a teen twice. One was a conservation camp. We did a lot of projects to help keep the beach from eroding, as well as natural cosmetic projects like building steps from the parking lots down to the beaches. It was an amazing experience, and even my Dad said he noticed a difference in me when I came home. It definitely made me feel like I had made a contribution. The second camp I attended was the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute. I had to ‘audition’ for that one, and evidently they saw some promise, because I made it in. I got to study under some very prominent poets, and learned a lot.

Because I had such rewarding times at camp, I know there are many benefits of summer camp. I want my boys to be able to enjoy it as well. The boys love to go to Camp Bandina, a church camp held by our church every summer. In fact, they like it so much that my oldest got a little upset that he is almost too old to attend, unless he volunteers as a counselor. Then he remembered that he will have a job this summer. My youngest has already said he wants to go. I love that I don’t have to worry about him when he is there, because I am friends with all the adults that will be there.

We do a lot of camping on our own. We love to take a tent down to the beach in the Summer and just stay over night. Of course, we haven’t gotten to camp out since I hurt my back. I’m hoping that will be different this next summer. We haven’t gotten to camp out at Sam Houston National Forest yet. We go fishing there every summer and I’m thinking it would be a wonderful place to go camping.

Whether you send your kids to summer camp, or enjoy camping as a family, it’s never to early to start planning for next year. If you are sending your children to summer camp, you will want to register early to make sure they are in. If you belong to a church, check out their options. If you camp as a family, you might want to check your equipment and make sure it’s in good condition. Now is the perfect time to fix what needs fixing and replace what needs to be replaced!

Do you send your child to summer camp or does your family camp together? I’d love to hear your experiences! 

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