Little Girls Love The Bible Belles

Little Girls Love The Bible Belles

Hannah, The Belle of Prayer

I was sent the book Hannah, the Belle of Prayer to review, and fell in love with this series of books, The Bible Belles. Now I plan to get the whole set for my youngest granddaughter. This series of books – Bible Belles – tells the stories of the women of the Bible. The series gives little girls real heroes that they can look up to and model their lives after.

Hannah The Belle of Prayer by Erin Weidemann

All of the books are written through the eyes of Roony Cruz. In the story of Hannah, The Belle of Prayer, Roony learns the story of Hannah, and how prayer works. Hannah’s husband had two wives, and the ‘other wife’, Peninnah, would make fun of Hannah. Peninnah was jealous because their husband loved Hannah more. Peninnah had many children, and she would make fun of Hannah’s, because Hannah didn’t have children. This made Hannah very sad, so she prayed to God for a child.

Rooney being picked on in Hannah, the Belle of Prayer

I love how these stories connect things that happen to children every day, to Roony, and then to a woman from the Bible. I love that the stories follow the Bible when telling about the women. The illustrations are wonderful and done by the author’s husband, who used to work for Disney. Erin Weidemann, is a 5 time cancer survivor, a wife, and a teacher, as well as author of this wonderful book series.

Hannah's prayers are answered in Hannah, the Belle of Prayer

Erin and Brent decided to write this series after writing this first book for their niece, Hannah. They thought it would be nice for her to have a personalized story about the Godly woman that shared her name. As it turned out their niece didn’t even know about Hannah in the Bible. They realized that most girls knew the name of all the Disney princesses, but few knew the stories about the women in the Bible. That’s when they decided the Bible Belles series would be a great idea. You can find free printables and games on the resource page of their website.

The next book in the series is Esther, the Belle of Patience. I’m thinking that’s one I’ll need to read, for sure.

What famous woman in the Bible would you like to see in a Bible Belles story?

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