Panda Planner – Start The New Year Right!

Panda Planner – Start The New Year Right!

Keep Your Schedule Organized

*I received this Panda Planner to facilitate this review. All opinions are based on the fact that I use it daily, and feel it would be useful for my readers!

I have to have a planner. I am a scatter-brain and usually have a ton of things going on at the same time. I’d like to use the excuse of ADHD, but I think some of it may just be that I am getting older. I have found though, that if I have a planner (as long as I remember to write the things in it), I stay organized. When I’m organized I can stay more focused on my priorities for the day. My Panda Planner helps me with that now!

Panda Planner - helps keep your day organized!

There are 3 parts to the Panda Planner. The Monthly Review, the Weekly Review, and the Daily Planner. I’ll be honest, I don’t really use the Monthly Review part. I do use the Weekly Review, just to help me keep on track with my goals. I use the Daily Planner every day…

The Panda Planner Monthly View is basically just a calendar overview

Panda Planner's Weekly View

I think the things I love the most about the Daily Planner are the “I’m Grateful For” and the “Today Will Be Great Because” sections. Every day you get to write down three things you are grateful for and three things that will make your day great. I love these sections because, quite honestly, they put me in a better mood to start the day. It makes it easier to carry that good mood through the day as well.

Panda Planner starts your day by telling what you are grateful for, and why your day will be great!

There’s also a section for “Today’s Priorities” right under those sections, and it helps me focus on the most important projects for that day. Whatever is important for that day goes there. Then at the end there is a place for your End of Day Review. It lets you recap your day, and tell your ‘wins’ for the day, and ‘How I’ll Improve’. These sections help me start the next days better prepared.

The Panda Planner End of Day Review gives you a chance to go back over your day

If all this isn’t enough already, the Panda Planner comes with a video mini course on how to be more productive! The Panda Planner has really helped me keep on track so I don’t forget an appointment or a review post. I know it could help you keep your days on track as well.

What is your favorite part of the Panda Planner?

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