Portable North Pole – Your Link to Santa!

Portable North Pole – Your Link to Santa!

Santa Can Talk to Your Child with Portable North Pole!

If you have boys like mine, at any age, a direct link to Santa is a wonderful thing!

Portable North Pole videos come in 2 main types: Christmas and Birthday greetings – and they are free. Or you can always upgrade to the Premium version. It has more Santa face-time, many extra personalization options, the ability to include more photos, as well as beautiful scenes from Santa’s village in the North Pole. On top of that, the Premium version also includes Santa’s Verdict, that lets your loved one know if they are on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list!

Santa's Writing His Lists! Find out which one you are on at Portable North Pole!

Making videos on Portable North Pole is so easy to do. The website is easily maneuvered and if you change your mind about a picture you posted in the video, or a name, you can go back and change them, before you finalize the video. Even my boys (14 & 17) loved the videos I did for them. You know it has to be easy if I am willing to do it for each of my 12 grandchildren!

The videos can be kept on your profile in the website, unless you delete them. You can share them in email or on Facebook, or download them. They really are adorable too. Trust me, you don’t want your children to miss out on this! Right now all my readers get 20% off the Premium version too! Just use promo code :  BLG20PNP and redeem that code here -> https://www.portablenorthpole.com/vouchers.

My boys found out they have some serious work to do before next week. They are trying really hard now. Wouldn’t you like the time from now until Christmas to be a little smoother? These videos from Portable North Pole may help you accomplish just that very thing! Now, I’ve got to finish making these videos for my grandchildren, hmmm now, where was I?

Delight your child with one of these cute videos! Would they make the nice list, or the naughty list?


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