Relaxing with the Dove Channel

Relaxing with the Dove Channel

The Dove Channel is the most relaxing channel on television!

Relaxing In More Than One Way

*I received product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

I found a wonderful way to relax – with the Dove Channel! So many things about the Dove Channel are relaxing. First, the movies…

So many relaxing movies on the Dove Channel!

I am just tired of all the violence and nudity I see on television every day. To top it off, they play the same old thing, over and over and over. The Dove Channel gives you a huge selection of movies to watch, and you know what you’re getting before you ever start the movie. First there are 5 Dove Channel ratings you can choose from; Family Approved All Ages, Family Approved 12+, Faith Friendly All Ages, Faith Friendly 12+, and Faith Based. Then when you click on a movie, a screen comes up that gives you a graph of the intensity of the content.

It's relaxing to know the Dove Channel movies have a great rating system!

That graph rates the movie’s sexuality, language, violence, drugs, nudity, and ‘other’. As a grandmother, this helps me to relax, knowing that if my grandchildren choose a movie, I can say yes or no, dependent upon that rating graph. My boys are old enough to know about these things in movies, but my grandchildren are not. Being able to set the Dove Channel to only watch certain ratings means your children will never see anything you think is inappropriate. That alone should make it relaxing for Moms everywhere!

Keep relaxing! The Dove Channel has Veggie Tales for the kids!

Speaking of grandchildren, there are so many great movies for children on the Dove Channel! From Veggie Tales to Black Beauty, to Bible stories, there are movies for all ages of children. This is relaxing for me because my grandchildren are always wanting to watch movies when they come over. My boys are older, and we’ve given most of our movies for ‘younger children’, to the grandchildren to watch at home. Dove Channel gives me a huge selection of movies to make the grandchildren happy.

Relaxing in front of the Dove Channel's roaring fireplace is a great idea!

The Dove Channel is the channel I prefer to watch now, and when Hubby comes home he’ll look at the television, kiss me on the cheek, and say, “Dove Channel?”. I get so much of the other channels in the evenings and on weekends, that watching the Dove Channel during the day is a much more relaxing idea. Besides, they have Laurel and Hardy, the old Davey and Goliath movies, and Abbott and Costello. OH! And Lucille Ball and John Wayne too! These are movies I remember from when I would watch television as a child.

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Ok, I know you want to check out the Dove Channel for yourself, and they have been so kind as to let me give away one Roku, and a one year subscription to the Dove Channel! While you scroll down to the Rafflecopter form and enter, I’m going to make some hot chocolate, and sit in front of the fireplace! No, I don’t have a fireplace, but the Dove Channel does! It’s a roaring fire in a fireplace, that you can sit and watch! It’s great for those chilly evenings when you don’t feel like watching anything. Go enter!

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  1. I love the ratings!
    Well, that and the fireplace! lol

  2. I love that you can set the intensity of what you watch. I’m very diligent about what we watch.

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