Traveling? Take Fido With You!

Travel Safely with Your Pets

There are so many hotels that accept pets now, there is no reason you can’t take them with you on vacation! You just need to make sure you take the precautions to see that they are safe! We often take Maggie Mae with us on vacation. People use many different modes of transportation when traveling on vacation, so lets check into different products to use for the different ways to travel in the U.S. Keeping your dog safe is the top priority.

Travel by Plane

If you are traveling with your pet by plane, you will need a dog crate. There are many different crates on the market but they are not all approved by the airlines. Your dog will need a crate that is big enough for them to stand up, turn around, and lie down in, without their ears touching the top of the crate. If your dog is a snub-nosed type (bulldogs, pekingese, etc) you’ll need a crate 1 size larger. It must be made of metal, fiberglass, hard plastic, or weld metal mesh and be sturdy and not collapsible. It must have a solid floor that is leak-proof. Doors must have a secure locking system, and some airlines want you to secure the door even more with zip-ties. Make sure you put a toy and blanket in the crate for your pet. The cargo cabins can get cold, and a toy will help them feel less lost. Check your local airline for their specific rules on crates because they all have their own specific set of rules.

Traveling with Your Pet by Train

The only large train operator in the U.S. is Amtrak, and Amtrak does not allow pets to travel on their trains. Some of the smaller, local trains do allow smaller pets, but check first to avoid disappointment.

Traveling with Your Pet by Car/Truck/Personal Vehicle

This is the best way of all! When traveling with your pet in your own vehicle, you can make occasional stops to let your dog out to stretch it’s legs and use the bathroom. You can use a crate if you wish, or one of the various pet seat belts that are on the market. If you feel it’s safe to let your pet roam while you are driving that is fine, but they should be restrained to the back seat, and not up front with the driver. There are too many accidents that can happen with a dog in the front seat. I use an Auto Pet Barrier in the Jeep. This keeps Maggie from coming up into the front seat where she could be a distraction to me. She never has tried to get in my lap, but if she did, I know I could not drive that way. The pet barrier keeps her in the back, with the boys.

Don’t forget to make sure your destination (whether relatives or a hotel/motel) doesn’t have a problem with your pet before you leave. Some hotels/motels have only certain rooms they rent out and some don’t allow pets at all. Make sure your reservations are pet friendly. Wherever you travel, make sure your pet is safe, whether traveling with you, or staying home. Happy travels!

Does your pet travel with you? Do you stay in hotel/motels or do you stay with relatives?


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