Vera Treats – Perfect For Your Pet’s Stocking

Vera Treats – Perfect For Your Pet’s Stocking

Vera Treats has safe healthy treats for your pet!

Maggie Mae’s Views on Vera Treats

Hey ya’ll. Maggie Mae here. I have to tell you about these fantastic new Vera Treats that arrived in the mail for me to review, from True Science. I knew that box was for me as soon as Mama opened it because she was callin’ my name. So, about that … why do humans open a box, call your name, but not let you see what’s in the box? I was jumpin’ and jumpin’ but all she would do is tell me to get down, and then start talkin’ about everything in the box being for me! Crazy people.

Vera Treats are SoyFree, Corn Free, Wheat Free Goodness!

So back to these scrumptious treats! Mama keeps all the doggy and kitty snacks in the top drawer of the buffet in our dining room. Every time she opens that drawer Rusty, Bella and I, come running. That drawer opening means it’s treat time in our house! That drawer is full of other great doggy snacks, but since we got the box of Vera Treats, I run even faster. They are so yummy (and only for me! The cats don’t get them!)! They aren’t just jerky – they are ‘fillets’! Mama likes them because they don’t have any artificial colors or flavors. She also tells me they are Soy Free, Corn Free, and Wheat Free. That means they don’t have any of those thinks that make my fur all dry. They are just plain old Beef or Chicken (90%).

That's Vera Treats Chicken Fillet on top and Beef Fillet on bottom

Each piece is HUGE! No, REALLY ! They are as big as my ear! I think that’s why Mama cuts them in half and only gives me a half of each flavor each day. She says she loves me but that I am getting fat. I think she found out the boys are giving me snacks too. Any way, I do love my Vera treats!

Maggie Mae waiting for Vera Treats!

You can visit Vera Treats on Facebook and Twitter. Mama tweeted them to tell them how much I loved Vera Treats. I would have done it but I don’t have thumbs to push those tiny buttons on her cell phone. Why do human teenagers spend so much time doing that? Anyway, they are letting us do a giveaway, and since I love these treats so much, Mama said YES! Now, two of you can also find out how scrumptious these treats are. Just get your human to fill out the information on the form!

Which flavor of Vera Treats would your best friend love?


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  1. Robin says:

    We received the Vera dog treats we won today. I hid the box until treat time! I figured our pup might help herself otherwise… 🙂

    • I’m so happy you received them, and glad she likes them! I know Maggie Mae would eat the whole bag if she could get them!

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