Crochet Kits from Thunder Bay Press !

Crochet Kits from Thunder Bay Press !

Crochet Kits for Disney Princesses, Disney Frozen & Peanuts!

*I received these kits to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own, and these are so cute!

This year one of my resolutions was to crochet more and to try to finish every crochet project I start. Notice that I didn’t say I would finish one project before I started another? I already have an afghan (half finished) that I need to get finished with. It shouldn’t take much longer, if I work on it. My problem? I got these adorable crochet kits in today, and I really couldn’t wait to plunge my hands and needles into them. Peanuts, Disney Princesses and Disney Frozen crochet kits from Thunder Bay Press are amazing kits that have everything you need packed into one box.

Crochet Kits from Thunder Bay Press! They have everything you need to crochet two characters!

The kits are each packed with enough yarn for two full characters, the hooks you need to complete the projects, and a crochet pattern book. Each pattern book has twelve patterns for the characters in the theme of the box. Yes, you read that right – twelve patterns. These are so cute! I want to make them all right now!

Every kit comes with enough to make TWO characters! Thunder Bay Press

My youngest grand-daughter loves Disney’s Frozen, but she also loves all the Disney Princesses. So where do I start? Since we’ll be visiting Disney in a few weeks, (eeeee!! the time just keeps getting closer!!) I really want to start on one of these two kits. Since I think I might be able to crank them out a little quicker, I’m going to start with the Disney Princesses. Then I’ll tuck them in my backpack and try to get the ‘real’ princesses at Disney to let me take a picture of them with their specific doll! I think it will make an even better gift when I give them to my grand-daughter!

The Disney® Frozen crochet kit from Thunder Bay Press

When we get back from Disney, I’ll start on the Disney Frozen kit, then follow up with the Peanuts kit. Charlie Brown really does remind me of myself sometimes. I’m thinking he and his friends would probably like to take a trip to the hospital. I’m sure the children there would love them. Then, I’ll start all over! A set of Disney Princesses would probably be very welcome at the hospital as well!

Which kit would you start with? Who would you crochet these sweet characters for?



  1. Adorable kits!!! I started crocheting a blanket 15 years ago. LOL And have yet to finish it. Did I just admit that!?! I really haven’t made time to even pick it up in years. Maybe I’ll add that to my resolutions! haha! I have always wanted to try something other than a straight line but I get scared it’ll be too hard. These are almost too cute to not try though! I think my daughters would love them! I’d probably do Frozen first but I love your idea for the pictures with the princesses! Genius and you should be in the pics, too so they’ll have a great keepsake of their nana! 🙂

  2. I love those kits! Its been so long since I have crocheted! I keep telling myself when the kids get a little older, I’ll start back up again. I use to love it – so relaxing….
    Maybe I’ll sit down and teach the oldest someday how to do that. She loves doing crafty things first

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