A Night of Beauty with Aurea Spa and KCM

A Night of Beauty with Aurea Spa and KCM

A Good Night by Aurea Salon Spa & Katy Christian Ministries

*A Night of Beauty is an annual beauty event sponsored by  Aurea Salon Spa and Katy Christian Ministries. You will see in all the photos, that faces are blurred, for the protection of these ladies. The only faces you will see are the faces of the staff from Katy Christian Ministries, and those of the staff at Aurea Salon Spa.

I spent one of the most wonderful nights of my entire life at Aurea Salon Spa in Katy last Wednesday night. Katy Christian Ministries and Aurea Salon Spa in Katy came together to give victims of domestic violence, “A Night of Beauty”. Several women and their children were treated to a magnificent night of food, fun and luxurious spa treatments that they may not otherwise be able to enjoy.

There were tables set up with finger sandwiches, fruit, and canapes.

Finger Sandwiches and fruit at A Night of Beauty

The Sweet Table at A Night Of Beauty

They were treated to coffee, and sparkling fruit beverages as well.

A beautiful beverage table full of sparkling fruit juices and coffee at A Night of Beauty

Each of the women had their choices of any of a number of treatments; having their make-up done, a manicure, and their hair washed, blow-dried, and styled by the very talented ladies at the Aurea Salon Spa.

Getting make-up done at A Night of Beauty

Having their nails done was so nice at a Night of Beauty

A Night of Beauty gives these ladies a look into how beautiful they really are!

A Night of Beauty gives victims of domestic violence a chance to see who they really are inside.

Since you should know by now, I have been a victim of domestic violence. This event really touched me, and I have to say, I wiped a few tears away more than once. I wish I could have shown you the looks on these women’s faces when they would look in the mirror after having their make-up done, or after seeing the beautiful ways their hair had been styled. Sometimes it was as if they were seeing themselves for the first time, and realizing that they really are beautiful. It is my hope that these women can maintain at least a fraction of that confidence, because it could help them fight back, and keep them from going back. At the very least, it was a time that they could leave the stress of life behind for A Night of Beauty. Thank you, Aurea Salon Spa and Katy Christian Ministries! And a special thank you to my daughter, who works at the Aurea Salon Spa – without whom I never would have known about A Night of Beauty.

If you are being abused, and if you are ready to seek help, call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). 

If you know someone who needs help, give them the number above, and urge them to call. 


  1. What a wonderful blessing for these ladies! So thankful there are businesses willing to give back in ways like this! Glad you were able to be there and capture it!

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