Disney Grand Adventure Vacation

Disney Grand Adventure Vacation

Let Me Tell You A Story …

My family and I were fortunate enough to be chosen for the #DisneyGrandAdventure! This is our story … 

Oh, the fun we had at Walt Disney World! We rode rides, and ate food – OHMYGOODNESS! THE FOOD! We got more exercise in three days than I normally get in a week. The views were grand, the people were friendly, and the kids were exhausted when we got back to the suites at night. Did you know that all of Disney is based on a story? It is! Every place, and every thing has a story! Because of this, I’ve decided to make our short excursion to Disney into a story. I want to be sure to tell you every detail I possibly can about this most magical adventure, so, I’ll start this story at the very, very beginning…

Once upon a time there was a little princess, who loved watching the Mickey Mouse show every day. As she got older, she felt she just had to watch the Wonderful World of Walt Disney on Sunday evenings after church, right before bedtime. Her heart would do sommersaults when Tinkerbell would fly across the screen, dripping magic fairy dust all over everything and making it come alive with color! That little princess grew up into a woman who loved to write stories, and in her later years, became a blogger – ME! I became a blogger so I could share my stories with everyone. I absolutely love Disney, and by the time my grandchildren came along, Mickey Mouse didn’t just have his own show, he had his own channel, and a radio station!

I loved The Mickey Mouse Club show when I was a kid!

When I got the email, telling me that I was going to Walt Disney World in Florida, and that I could bring my family for a Disney Grand Adventure! Everyone was so very excited! They could hardly wait. We told everyone we knew that we were going to Disney World, and we even told some people more than once because we were that excited! Finally the big day arrived and we boarded our flight for Orlando, Florida to visit “The Happiest Place On Earth” on our grand adventure.

Not just the first trip to Disney, but first flight as well! We'll have so much fun!

The #DisneyGrandAdventure had begun…

Disney The Grand Adventure LOGO

This is only the beginning of our magical trip, there is much more to come! Have you flown on a plane? Did you like it?


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